On My Needles

I have really loved knitting up the Florida Fast Footies, by LynnH. Her website is great, so be sure to visit. Anyway, I am on my 3rd pair. The first pair (shown on her site in her blog and on my knitting website) were knit using Cascade Fixation. They turned out nice but a bit small. The next pair I knit using a larger needle size and used Sock It To Me Collection Espirit. If you check it out be sure to see there is both a multi-colored and a solid version. This yarn is very similar to Fixation but a bit less stretchy and cheaper too! I am knitting up a pair in a lilac color right now. They are fast and very comfortable.

I have also been mooning over my many shawl books and patterns. I purchased another pattern at Amazing Theads, and the yarn to go with it. The Landscape Shawl and Scarf to be done in Encore Colorspun Worsted (75% Acrylic, 35% Wool). I wanted a shawl that was somewhat mindless to knit and easy to care for.

In contrast I have a shawl in process that is at a standstill. It needs to be rinsed and blocked so that I can see how much more border is needed. I guess I knit it a bit tight too – but that is fixable in the blocking/stretching. I just don’t want to pin it out right now.

First Posting

Latest knitting type happenings have been my trip with Mary H. to Amazing Threads in Osseo, MN. the Minnesota contingent of Ample Knitters decided to meet there instead of our usual place at the Borders on Hamline. Why? Because the shop is having a trunk show from the book:
Knitting Designs for Real Women

Mary H. and I got lost several times. I guess we were having so much fun talking that we just blew past the turn-off, and then tried several ways to figure out and correct that mistake. So the trip took about an hour when it really should have only taken 30 minutes. Oh well.

It was definitely worth the trip. The sweaters, which overall in the book are nice because they are ample, still don’t look 100% flattering on the models. I don’t think drop-shoulder patterns look good on most amples. Once we got to the shop and had a chance to try on the sweaters I could see that they did look good, and in most cases, better on the Minnesota ample than the model in the book!

The colors of the sweaters were very different in person too. Sometimes the texture of the sweater was different. For example, there is one sweater (which I would love to make) that looked non-fuzzy in the book. In person – definitely fuzzy but in a good way.

The staff at the shop (some amples themselves) were very friendly, helpful and fun. One of the gals (I can’t recall her name) had knitted the Circumnavigated Cardigan, which is an oldie but goodie as far as the knitting community goes. I tried on the sweater and it was as if it had been made specifically for me. Every point – sleeve length, sweater length, v-neck stop point – everything was 100% dead-on perfect. AT is having a class in the fall, so I will be taking it. I have just sent away for the pattern too!

Enough for now… more later.