On My Needles

I have really loved knitting up the Florida Fast Footies, by LynnH. Her website is great, so be sure to visit. Anyway, I am on my 3rd pair. The first pair (shown on her site in her blog and on my knitting website) were knit using Cascade Fixation. They turned out nice but a bit small. The next pair I knit using a larger needle size and used Sock It To Me Collection Espirit. If you check it out be sure to see there is both a multi-colored and a solid version. This yarn is very similar to Fixation but a bit less stretchy and cheaper too! I am knitting up a pair in a lilac color right now. They are fast and very comfortable.

I have also been mooning over my many shawl books and patterns. I purchased another pattern at Amazing Theads, and the yarn to go with it. The Landscape Shawl and Scarf to be done in Encore Colorspun Worsted (75% Acrylic, 35% Wool). I wanted a shawl that was somewhat mindless to knit and easy to care for.

In contrast I have a shawl in process that is at a standstill. It needs to be rinsed and blocked so that I can see how much more border is needed. I guess I knit it a bit tight too – but that is fixable in the blocking/stretching. I just don’t want to pin it out right now.

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