IKEA Here I Come

Bloomington, MN has a new Ikea store. It is huge! My mom, sister and sister-in-law are driving over to my house and then I will be taking us all out there to spend a day.

I have been waiting for this store for a long time. And yes, this is knitting related because one always needs storage for YARN lots and lots of YARN!

I finished knitting the landscape shawl a few days back but didn’t weave in the ends until yesterday. My brother Mark has my digital camera so i can’t share a finished photo yet.

At my weekly Bead Ladies meeting I wove in the ends, and Joan took some pictures. Marge was kind enough to model… okay so I kind of forced her but I think it made her feel like a celebrity! One way or another I will get a pic on here to share.

I am really proud of this shawl because I did my own shaping to make it fit over the shoulders better. It ended up looking like a Faroese type – slightly winged in shape and very wearable.

Just marking time

Count-down to becoming human again… I am scheduled for a 12:30 p.m. hair cut.

I did a lot of knitting on the landscape shawl yesterday and should have it finished (kind of but) tonight. The kind of but part is because I might do the shaping that is included for the scarf to make the shawl more shaped. I won’t know until I am done with the shawl pattern.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday messing around with this illustrator thang that creates a cartoon image of yourself or whomever.

So far I have come up with this for my husband and me:
Illustration Maker

It is very like William-Thomas but mine needs more work. The hair is too light and they don’t offer a dark brown. The eyes are wrong too. Face shape and har (kind of), lips, wrinkles – all good though.

Why am I doing this? Just because.

Landscape Shawl and other things

I have been working on the Landscape Shawl pattern that I purchased at Amazing Threads. It is really a lot of fun – and very soothing to knit. And let’s face it, knitting should be fun and soothing, yes? I have a pic here to show my progress after one day.
Landscape Shawl

The pic doesn’t do it justice. The yarn is Encore, an acrylic/wool blend and just the right colors for me… wine/maroon, tans and browns, a bit of purple. It will be an easy care shawl and I won’t have to block this one.

I try to knit, bead or spin every night while we watch what I jokingly call "crap tv". Just something rather mindless that is really just background for what I am really doing, which is either thinking, reading or multi-tasking of think and reading and knitting/beading/spinning – whatever. DH likes to sit on the floor and read and watch. Popcorn is usually around, or maybe his chocolate covered raisins or worse=both. He should be about as big as a house but instead I am. Our dogboy Spencer patiently waits for his share of the popcorn.

Last night I managed to remember to take a pic of another Fast Florida Footies I have finished.

And as long as I am at it, here is a pic of my brother, Steve. I made a the necklace: a bone ankh symbol pendant hanging from a bead necklace of spiral rope twist in 3 colors of beads (black, copper lined clear and a silvery pearl white).
pic of Steve


So many celebrations today. Yesterday was my brother Vim’s birthday. He was playing with his band, so his birthday gift and card are added to today’s get-together for the 4th. Oh, and another brother, Steve’s birthday is on the 6th so his card and present are today too. And brother Jeff’s wedding to Sue was 1 year ago on the 6th too – another card to bring. July is just stinking (in a good way) with birthdays in my family. Mom and brothers Mark, Steve, Joe and Vim. I guess October was a fun month for Mom and Dad.

I can be a nice person sometimes; this is the year of "I will actually make a gift for birthday people in July."

For Vim, I knitted the Alien Illusion scarf from the book,
Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

It was a lot of fun to knit, but it got pretty hot. I decided to leave it fringeless, both to save on yarn and because I think fringe gets ratty looking and gets in the way, especially on a long scarf like this one. The pattern called for Naturespun yarn, which I used for the black but I purchased Araucania Nature wool, which is a hand-dyed yarn in green for the alien faces. Because it has a slightly variegated effect, I think it adds a nice touch. Here are some pics:
pic of alien illusion scarf detail of alien face