Landscape Shawl and other things

I have been working on the Landscape Shawl pattern that I purchased at Amazing Threads. It is really a lot of fun – and very soothing to knit. And let’s face it, knitting should be fun and soothing, yes? I have a pic here to show my progress after one day.
Landscape Shawl

The pic doesn’t do it justice. The yarn is Encore, an acrylic/wool blend and just the right colors for me… wine/maroon, tans and browns, a bit of purple. It will be an easy care shawl and I won’t have to block this one.

I try to knit, bead or spin every night while we watch what I jokingly call "crap tv". Just something rather mindless that is really just background for what I am really doing, which is either thinking, reading or multi-tasking of think and reading and knitting/beading/spinning – whatever. DH likes to sit on the floor and read and watch. Popcorn is usually around, or maybe his chocolate covered raisins or worse=both. He should be about as big as a house but instead I am. Our dogboy Spencer patiently waits for his share of the popcorn.

Last night I managed to remember to take a pic of another Fast Florida Footies I have finished.

And as long as I am at it, here is a pic of my brother, Steve. I made a the necklace: a bone ankh symbol pendant hanging from a bead necklace of spiral rope twist in 3 colors of beads (black, copper lined clear and a silvery pearl white).
pic of Steve

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