IKEA Here I Come

Bloomington, MN has a new Ikea store. It is huge! My mom, sister and sister-in-law are driving over to my house and then I will be taking us all out there to spend a day.

I have been waiting for this store for a long time. And yes, this is knitting related because one always needs storage for YARN lots and lots of YARN!

I finished knitting the landscape shawl a few days back but didn’t weave in the ends until yesterday. My brother Mark has my digital camera so i can’t share a finished photo yet.

At my weekly Bead Ladies meeting I wove in the ends, and Joan took some pictures. Marge was kind enough to model… okay so I kind of forced her but I think it made her feel like a celebrity! One way or another I will get a pic on here to share.

I am really proud of this shawl because I did my own shaping to make it fit over the shoulders better. It ended up looking like a Faroese type – slightly winged in shape and very wearable.

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