Visiting a friend

Last night…oops, I guess it is tomorrow (Sunday) already so I should say Friday night… I visited another MN Ample Knitter person. She wanted some tips on how to do beaded knitted amulet bags, and because I have done *ahem* several ( I have lost count) I offered to help out.

I suggested that we meet at her house because she is a fabulous spinner and I wanted to check out her "stuff". I am a new spinner. I haven’t even finished my first tribble of roving yet. Pretty close though. I have some of my first "yarn" to dunk and dry. It is hard to call it yarn because it looks pretty bad.

Anyway, Kerry has 3 wheels and a house full of fiber and yarn. Really. Yarn and fiber and pets all over the place. 2 very sweet dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds. I didn’t get to meet one cat but I don’t think she was fibbing about having 3 cats. Would anybody lie about 7 animals in a fiber filled house?

We had fun. I got to share some tips and show off my cool beading knitting tool, my beadspinner. She commented about the price of beads and I realized that she was getting good beads but at too high prices. I steered her to a better retail place for fabulous seed beads, that being, Beadstorm / Stormcloud Trading. I don’t think anyone can beat Sandi’s retail prices and selection.

I lent Kerry my beadspinner and some free patterns from the internet, and also one of my books. She is pretty motivated because today (ooops, yesterday) she called and had another amulet bag done already! She came over to pick up some needles I offered to loan, and to show me her bag. Very nice! I can’t wait to see what she does with the neckpiece.

I got a chance to knit on my blue landscape shawl. Tried to keep off the computer so that I wouldn’t be sucked in and left without any time to do anything else. But now here I sit typing. It’s way too late to be noodling around but I am 100% awake.

I also knit a square for an afghan for a friend on the AK list. By the way, AK stands for Ample Knitters and ample means large sized.

The AK email list is great. We share tips about upsizing patterns, yarn sales, ask for and get great advice. Not too much weirdness on this list, just a lot of really kind people.

Getting back to the afghan square. One of the AKers suggested that we knit 8×8 squares for Carol, who is experiencing some health problems. We are making an afghan in "our" colors of pansy-like purples, yellows and golds. I knit a purple square and it is being blocked/dried. I can’t wait to see the final afghan. I hope it is as lovely and full of energy as Carol seems to be.

That is what is the nicest things about the internet – the ability to find friends through sharing our thoughts and through our photos.

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