Appointment Set!

In getting together with Kerry she has mentioned Detta’s Spindles, a somewhat local fiber and spinning/knitting place. I guess this women has a house full of great stuff, lots of spinning wheels to try and is very helpful. I checked in with Detta and made an appointment to visit her home/shop tomorrow at 10:30 ish. I hope I don’t get lost – I have been doing that lately, and it is weird because I have been getting turned around going to places I have been before. Must be hormones. (I need to blame something).

Anyway, I am pumped about tomorrow’s trip. I have a list of Spin-Off magazine back issues I want to find and I want to try out some more portable spinning wheels. Mine can go along for a ride in my car but isn’t really meant to be portable. I would like to try something smaller. Will I buy something? It is kind of hard to tell. When I took my spinning class I was really focused and determined to learn drop spindle. Most of the class focused on the wheel, and although I rented a wheel and got to take one home each week after class, I kept telling myself that the wheel wasn’t where I would be doing my spinning – the drop spindle was "it".

So, for the first week of the wheel I told the other gals that I would take whatever wheel was left because it didn’t matter to me I wouldn’t be buying a wheel. That week I ended up with the most expensive wheel, a Schacht. It was beautiful and heavy and it scared the crap out of me. I was so afraid I would do something to it – drop it in carrying it back and forth, break it somehow. Anyway, it didn’t like me. I couldn’t spin on it. It made me mad, and I am a pretty calm person.

The next class I announced that there was no way in heaven or hell that I would be taking that beast wheel for another week. Gimme something cheaper and useable! I ended up with an Ashford Traditional that had some issues – it was taped up on one of the parts (don’t know what to call it). It made a very hypnotic clicking sound when spinning. During the class, one of the other spinning students remarked that hearing my spinning helped her. She wished her wheel would make a clicking sound too! – perhaps a playing card taped onto her wheel like kids did on their bike wheels?

I took that useable wheel home and fell in love. I because obsessed with getting a good deal on an Ashford Traditional. I found one and bought it, then waited impatiently for it to arrive. It came and it took some doing to figure out how to get it together, but now I have a wonderful wheel and love spinning on it.

I am trying to learn how to do better – just bought a spinning video on ebay – Spinning Wool – Basics & Beyond: Wheels, Fiber Preparation & Spinning Techniques, Patsy Zawistoski. I have read some very wonderful reviews on this video. Can’t wait! I also bid on 2 full years of backissues of Spin-Off magazine. I am going to subscribe too.

Back to knitting. I knit up a square for Carol’s afghan but even after blocking it is too small, so back to upsize and try again. I need to get it out asap so it’s time to stop typing and get back to knitting.

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