What I bought at Detta’s

Warning: reading this may either quiet some of your fiber addiction tendencies or get them ramped up.

I went to Detta’s Spindle in Maple Plain, MN yesterday. It took me about 45 minutes to get there – not too bad. I got a chance to look at her room of spinning wheels. We talked about the different wheels but I didn’t take any for a trial spin. I figured I needed the time to shop for fiber and books. Maybe after I get back from the Wisconsin Fiber Spin-In.

Anyway she took me to her "extra room" where she keeps some of the smaller tools and the big box of fiber seconds. I guess these were from Brown Sheep and just what I was looking for. Because I am a beginning spinner I don’t want to waste really spendy fiber while I am trying to get my technique down. There was some 100% wool blend – feltable stuff and also some super wash fiber. I bought 61 ounces all together. Also a niddy-noddy… one that can be used as a one or a two-yard.

Then it was time to go to the basement where she has all of her books, yarn and magazines. I had come prepared with a list of the back issues of Spin Off and Knitters I wanted. Those kind of increased the $ amount at 6.99 each, but made me very happy. I also bought a book that had knitting edges… one of those old timey ones from Interweave Press.

I decided to get a bit of dog hair to try, and because of that she gave me some extra dog hair (Samoyed) for free.

I will post pictures just as soon as I get my camera back.

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