Pssst! Want to see my skein?

It is kind of a grey day outside and the lighting in my home makes colors go weird so I decided to scan my first skein of yarn that I spun on my own wheel and another spool.

My first yarn that I made! It is like magic, except I know how hard it was for me to do. I am proud of them, even though I know 100% that they are not perfect – the yarn is NOT soft, squishy or stretchy. I am hoping that it will soften up when I set the twist.

I know as I gain experience my yarn will become squishier and softer and more even (or more crazy ala designer yarn).

I showed my yarn around and I got one of those helpful people telling me things that I should be doing. She didn’t even say it with a smile either. What is up with that? I did not ask for advice, I was just showing my stuff around. If I was a student of that person, that would be different (maybe) but I wasn’t asking for advice.

A lot of people are "out there" that think criticism = helpful. No it isn’t. If someone shows you something and you can see that they are proud and they tell you this is my first…. Don’t give them "helpful" tips. Don’t. Tell them that it is pretty, or colorful or wonderful, or say, "good for you", or something equally nice.

Maybe after a while you can say things like… would you like some xyz tips? Or, I am a xyzer too and I have found…

2 thoughts on “Pssst! Want to see my skein?

  1. i really admire your work and your patience. keep up the good work. this is the first time i read your blog and i will return everyday to see what you are doing next. i will be an easy knitter all my life…it is fun to see other people’s work and admire.

  2. WHO SAID SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT YOUR YARN?!?!?! I think it’s beautiful!! And not because you’re a beginner, either, which I think is amazing. I should show you my first skein – boy howdy, THEN you’d be proud of yourself!
    You can actually MAKE something with yours!

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