Spinning Dreams

I received 2 full years of Spin-Off back issues in the mail the other day, the result of an eBay conquest. I have been reading and dreaming, dreaming and planning. Hoping and wishing. But no spinning and no knitting.

I also did a lot of eBay work for my brother, and website work for an Astrology group too. Also lots of emails back and forth with prospective students and such.

I should be getting ready for my Wednesday coffee and beads/knitting (whatever) get-together but I may blow that off. I may not. It depends on whether I can find something to wear. Isn’t that sad? It is really sad because I do have to get dressed eventually because I have a client at 2:00 pm.

Hey, want to do some public knitting? Judy, another AKer in MN was talking about a gathering. Here is the info:
Sunday, October 3, 1-5 pm, at Ridgedale Shopping Center in Minnetonka.

If I remember correctly this may be connected to doing charitable knitting. I will find out more and let people know here.

Have you done any charitable knitting? It is very satisfying. One of my favorites was the bunch of hats that I knit up for homeless people. I had a great time picking out yarn.

Winter in MN is very cold. The idea of being homeless in a MN winter… I also did up some angel earrings for the ladies too.

On the subject of winter in MN – I really should be starting up Yule gifts for my family and friends. I need to start making a list of projects. I should at least make something for my Mom and Dad.

And now, because I know blogs without pictures are boring, I give you my cat Guinevere.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Dreams

  1. Guinevere is a really sweet, but very needy cat, a real button sucker. That pillow is mine! I use it to fill in the place where my back slopes. It is terrific – just the right size.

    I also have a pillow that says “She Who Must Be Obeyed”. That gets a lot of laughs.

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