Rest after much Activity

Yesterday was a jam packed day. I wonder where that expression comes from? I don’t recall jam being packed – but perhaps it is a different kind of jam. One of the highlights of yesterday was getting a video in the mail – SPINNING WOOL – BASICS & BEYOND Wheels, Fiber Preparation and Spinning Techniques with Patsy Zawistoski.

Before I had a chance to check out the video it was time for DH’s birthday celebration. We went out for a very nice dinner at Carousel Restaurant. It is on top of the Radisson in downtown St. Paul. It has a fantastic view and if you are seated in the inner, raised section (like we were) the floor rotates so that you can see the view all the way around. Cool.

When we got home he listened to his new CD with headphones and I watched my video. There sure is a lot of info in it, and I am glad I got it. It also helped make me sleepy. I kept waking up – focusing, then fell back to sleep several times. I don’t think it was because the video was boring, but Patsy does have a very soft and soothing voice. She would make a great hypnotherapist!

Today I felt the urge to spin as soon as I got up. Hmmmm, I wonder why? I slowed my spinning down to try some of the techniques I picked up (either in my waking state or my sleep state). The fiber I am spinning is a mohair blend – very fuzzy, and of course I was sitting there in my black nightie. Now it is a black and fuzzy white/turquoise nightie.

I brought one of my more recent book purchases to the computer so I would be sure tell you about it. It is: Lace from the Attic, A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns, by Nancie Wiseman

A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns

It is a fabulous book, especially for shawl makers who are looking for good knitted edgings. Good, clear photos and with both written out and charted designs. I am subscribed to a couple of email and web based shawl and lace groups, one of which doesn’t seem to let me post. I am probably on probation/monitored until I can prove I am not a spammer. Isn’t that sad?

K and I are getting together for spinning/knitting tonight. Tomorrow I am teaching all day so probably not much knitting or spinning time, and I am really hoping to be able to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Sunday. My favorite themes are the Highland Fling/Scottish and the Mid-East Mirage, but those are already past. This weekend it is the Irish Heritage Festival which is cool too. Keep your fingers crossed for me – for cool, sunny weather.

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