Wednesday means…

Most Wednesdays finds me at The Coffee Grounds with my friends the Bead Ladies. We get together to do beading or other needle arts, drink coffee/tea and visit. Great fun! This week should be interesting because we have to go in the back door to the place. Dave is having a new porch/outside seating area installed today. He and Mona (wife/owner) gave special invites to their regulars. I think they should have just taken the day off.

I have been knitting and doing some beadwork too! Two friends were scheduled to come over to do some beginner beadwork yesterday. So I tidied up a bit and set out some seed beads, needles, threads and little squares of velour blanket for them to use during the lesson on spiral rope chain. I call it spiral rope twist. Anyway, BLR called to say that they had had an accident and wouldn’t make it! Dang and ouch! I decided to think nice thoughts, send healing to them and do a bit of beadwork anyway. Later a prospective student emailed to tell me she wouldn’t be able to make her 8:00 p.m. appointment because she wasn’t feeling well (past car accident injuries). Dang and ouch! More healing thoughts.

On the way to our dinner out, I said to my husband “car accidents are in the air – be extra careful.” Nothing bad happened.

Hey, have you checked out my knitting links? Do it! Especially if you are hot to make ponchos right now. I have a pretty good list going.

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