Of fiber and hormones

I am a very peaceful, loving person but I have my limits and my limits are usually very normal. But lately I have been having these conversations with myself like, “should I kill people with my knitting needles, or cry on them to drown them?” I have been experiencing a lot of emotional surges. Must be the hormones. Being almost 43 is no picnic. I also say that being fat is not for wimps either but most people just don’t get that joke.

No reason for feeling this way – life is very good. Just these irrational urges to — like I said. The only way to calm myself down is knit and watch West Wing. Have I told you all that I am a West Wing nut? Have I outed my political leanings now? Are you okay with that? I am if you are. I will still like you if you are a Republican, or an Independent or whatever. Just vote damn it! I will like you more if you are a knitter, spinner, beader or into things that I like. Hey, that is the truth and if you don’t like that don’t cross me. Remember how pointy knitting needles are and the fact that my hormones are raging! *grin*

Today was a cool and hot day. Cool as in fun and hot as in sunny and finally a summer day in Minnesota! I went to the Minnesota State Fair with mom and sister. Saw some very odd pieces in the creative arts building. A lot of ribbons on items of questionable effort, skill, talent – and I am wondering why. One more year of asking myself, “why in the heck don’t I ever enter anything!?!”. My mom and sister asked the very same thing. I don’t have an answer.

Sorry, no pics today.

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