Lost and Found

Yesterday was quite the adventure. WT and Spencer were outside hanging out. Spencer pushed out of the fence and ran free for a good chunk of yesterday. I figure about 5 hours. It was an experience, not a fun one but we learned a lot because he didn’t have his collar on. We had the neighborhood helping, and various family members and friends too. That part was sweet and I am always grateful that people care.

Later, around 2:30 p.m. I heard a dog barking that sounded like Spencer so I went to investigate. Up until that time most of my find Spencer duties had been to keep calm, pray, and do the walk along the block thang, staying close to home in case he came back. Anyway, I decided to investigate the barking and found him on his way back home.

He was one tired and happy dog. See?


My most recent purchase from Elann.com came – yippee!

The blue Princess is for a poncho for my niece Marissa. I am going to use the pattern (a pretty basic one) found on the Yarn Harlot website.

The Patons Kroy Socks will be for socks or perhaps used in a shawl or scarf. The Sock it to Me Collection will be for Zaftig! I won’t use 3 on the bra, but I wanted another ball for another set of footies.

Tonight I am going to a spinning gathering. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. What are you up to?

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