Off to Fiber Fest

Tomorrow (Friday) at about 10:00 ish I will be leaving for a 3-day weekend to the Wisconsin SpinIn which is together with the sheep folks’ festival this year. It is in Jefferson County Fair Park, in Jefferson, WI. I have a list of shtuff I want to get… a few little things like the ruler/gadget that you use to check wpi, perhaps a tahkli or other small spindle, a mini niddy noddy (for skeining up samples). I am bringing a list of back issues I would like to find for knitting and spinning magazines just in case too. I also have a list of projects, mostly shawls, with the types of yarn and yardage needed.

I hope there are some wheels to try out. I know the guy that makes the Babe wheels will be there to demo. I am curious enough about them to try them out. I am still trying to figure out if I really want a more portable wheel. My Ashford Traditional isn’t a major hassle to carry around, but it isn’t the easiest either. If I get another wheel, will it be jealous?

My sister Chaachi is coming along. I am hoping that there will be enough for her to do. She isn’t into this kind of stuff, but she does like hanging out and really digs Llamas. We used to travel quite a bit – long weekends here and there. I think it will just be nice to kick back and take it easy. It is easier to do that when you aren’t at home. Being away from the phone (I call it the tool of the devil, and I am not 100% kidding either) and being away from the computer is a good thing once in a while.

I am taking 2 knitting projects – finishing off my 2nd Landscape shawl, and starting up that poncho for Marissa. Have you checked out my list of links to poncho patterns yet?

I promise to show off my purchases when I get back. Until then, I leave you with a pic of a huge morning glory bloom from my raised weed/garden bed:

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