Back from the Fest!

I came back Sunday night but this is my first chance at collecting my thoughts and getting my photos together. Today was a teaching day, which is really nice but there was definitely a part of me longing to head for the computer so that I could get everything together to show you.

Okay, so on Friday Chaachi and I set out for Fort Atkinson/Jefferson, WI. We had a pretty good drive up until we were close, then there was a major detour that seemed very odd. If one traveled along East the detour was different than if you traveled West. I never quite figured it out… I was just grateful the detour took us to where we wanted to go.

Anyway, we found our hotel in Fort Atkinson. The place seemed pretty packed with cars and I figured it was for the Fiber Fest. Chaachi and I checked into our room, rested a bit (driving is hard work!), then headed out for the fair in Jefferson. Experienced another part of the detour. But not too bad.

I was immediately impressed with the fair digs. It looks like the County Fair is a big deal, because the buildings are huge and new. A beautiful layout and nice landscaping too! There were 2 ginormous structures devoted to what they called the Country Store. Here is a pic to show you how big these babies are:

Just seeing that was very exciting, but thinking 2 whole buildings of fibery goodness – oh my! I headed for the nearest one. Here are 2 pics of one of the aisles:

the guy in the kilt is Adam Mielke of Mielke’s Farm

I had a list of items to get, and purchased all of my "have to" items in that one building. Chaachi talked me into saving the 2nd building for the next day. I thought that was a good idea. Anticipation!

We headed into town to get dinner, and then just hang out at the motel. I got a chance to play around with the purchases:

  • a mini niddy noddy
  • a metal tahkli spindle
  • a cute ceramic bowl for the spindle
  • 3 back issues of Spin Off
  • the current issue (Fall 2004) of Spin Off
  • a gadget that helps spinners determine the wpi /weight of their fiber.

More about day two tomorrow.

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