WI Fiber Fest – Day 2 part 2

Here is the last of the WI fiber fest schtuff. After finishing up at the county fair site, we still had a half day to spend. Went tripping into Madison for said pizza, and then what to do? We were too tired to take in a movie so we decided to just head back "home" to find the Dairy Shrine. I also wanted to get a few pics of that cute cottage plopped down in the cemetary. Here it is along with 2 pics of a fabulous celtic type cross memorial:

On the way to finding the Shrine, we ran across this cab and thought it was just hysterically funny. If you don’t – I guess I understand…

Then finally the Shrine. It was closed, so I will not be able to share with you the spiritual experience, but at least I got a pic of the outside. Read that it is next to the Hoard Museum. From your knitting and other fibery experiences you might think this is the place where the mother of all yarn stash is being housed, but no. . I think Hoard is a founder’s name. I like my version better.

Okay, enough of the vacation. Last night I finished up my 2nd Landscape Shawl – my variation on the theme. Today is coffee and beads/knitting day and I will be taking along a new project. The poncho from Yarn Harlot’s blog. This is one seriously funny, well written and just all around entertaining blog – check it out!

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