I haven’t had a yarn swift very long. Every time I used this thing – bad things happened: the swift would slowly lower and lose tension, tangling the yarn; the free end would wrap itself around the post in the middle; the yarn would just refuse to go on.

This morning I knew I had to get my projects together for the retreat. One of the projects I want to start, or at least bring along for a nice 3 day weekend away, is the shadow shawl. I realized I needed to wind some skeins into balls. Ugh. So I set the thing up. This is one weird looking gadget. First off, it comes crammed into a really trashy box and once you get it out of that box it never seems to want to go into it again. No instructions really, just some cheesy diagram. There are non-english words written on the box and diagram – perhaps they would be of help but I only read English and a little Spanish, so no go there. Sigh.

I decide to take a deep breath, think positive, stay calm and become one with the yarn swift. I set it up very carefully, making sure everything was really tightened up. I put the skein on very carefully and made sure it was nicely nestled into the metal sections. I cut the figure 8 knot that was holding the skein together and carefully unreeled one free end. Hook it onto my ball winder (which is a perfect angel). Here is the big moment.

Looking all yellow-orange and mod-like, kind of a like a trippy carousel, I am very tempted to really just crank on this thing. Doesn’t it look that way? And look at the box – it says "Reeling Machine". It sounds like it was made for speed! But I decide to hang on to the calm and start winding – sloooooowly……

I reach the end without a hitch! Perfection! Could I do it again? Yes!!!!

I guess the trick is making sure all the knobs are tight and going very slow. I have achieved yarn swift zen.

Back at you on Monday.

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