Bead Retreat

The bead retreat was fab. The best so far. My usual group wasn’t there, but I had invited some of my friends from the the Bead Ladies group. Morgan, Sally and Carol came. We sat together and had a good time. Sally and I sang and did dialog from our favorite movies.

Carol and Morgan were just plain great to be with. We all share a love for astrology so there was a lot of astrology talk going on. There were some tense moments too – but it all worked out pretty well. We even slept together! Was that too much sharing?….perhaps your mind runs dirty.

Even though it was a bead retreat there was a lot of knitting and other needlework going on. I managed to finish the knitting part of the very harlot poncho, knit some on my market squares bag, and finished a bead bracelet and matching earrings.

I brought one of my goddess divination decks along. I invited people to pick a goddess after asking for a goddess to give you a blessing. I got Lakshmi, one of my favorites. I set up a mini altar. Morgan gifted me a bag with Nag Champa incense and soap and a lovely card, very appropriate for the altar. My metal board with mandala-like magnets in the background, and my offering to the goddess – fizzy water. I had also brought along my magic wand so that was a part of the altar too.

What happens on a bead retreat is we all haul our stuff to the retreat place and then basically fill every waking moment with either working on projects, visiting, or eating. Pretty sweet!

It is great because you get to see other people’s creations – get inspired or awestruck or both. Like this fabulous crocheted lace baby cap. I messed with the pic so that you could see the detail better. It is a sparkling white cap made out of crochet thread.

Another great thing about the retreat is that I get a chance to visit with friends I normally don’t see very often, like Robin who lives in Eau Claire, WI. Here she is working on a pillow project for her sister-in-law.

Whenever someone finishes a project they get gonged. Then they walk their finished project around to show off.

A lot of us didn’t get much sleep, so some of us took turns napping on one of the couches. Here is Sonia, multi-tasking by napping and modeling a great poncho she made:

I will share pics of my finished projects tomorrow.

Today is my birthday! I gotta hurry up and relax!


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