A Spinning & Knitting Friday

My spinning friend Kerry is coming over tonight. I hope the other spinners I invited will come too, especially because I baked some yummy zucchini bread that I know I just won’t be able to eat all myself. My hubby is somewhat against zucchini bread.

Do you have people over to your home to knit and or spin? It is really a lot of fun. It forces you (in a good way) to get something accomplished and just brings really nice energy into your home. And no, you don’t need a really sparkling clean home – just space for people to sit. Rugs help for spinners, so their wheels don’t walk away. You don’t really have to worry much about snacks because people don’t want to get their hands dirty when they are spinning or knitting. Just some chairs – perhaps some music playing in the background.

I’ve told you about some of Kerry’s animals… they are the cutest (next to mine). She sent me some pics of her 2 dogs and her bird and I just have to share them with you.

Oakley, Crocket and Weaver

I am getting a lot done on my Market Squares Bag. I ran out of the pink I am using, but found something very close at Three Kittens Yarn; an almost perfect match. Yipee! I had figured if I couldn’t find a match, then I would sub a variegated that blended the colors I used, or even throw in another whole new color. It’s just a bag you know. I am loving it so much I just might keep knitting tonight instead of spinning. I chose odds and ends of 100% wool that I had in my stash. All were single balls of discontinued stock found in Depth of Field‘s sale loft.

Back at you with pics of the market squares bag and maybe my latest yarn purchases. I have to wait til tomorrow for better light. I am slowly talking myself into an Ott or some other full spectrum lighting option because this is getting to be a problem. Camera/shooting and because for some reason this year my eyes have really wonked out on me.

One thought on “A Spinning & Knitting Friday

  1. The critters are thrilled to be on the internet, and are hoping for modelling contracts. I would also like for them to have modelling contracts that would support me. Am looking very forward to zucchini bread! YAY!

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