Stash Enhancement

Okay, so here is a pic of my market squares bag in process:

It is pretty obvious that I am just learning Entrelac. I am getting better, and am mastering the skill of knitting backwards. That wasn’t such an issue at the top of the bag when the squares were large, because I was just turning my work=not knitting backwards. Now that the squares are smaller, turning the work around is awkward, so knitting backwards is key.

More pics! I felt bad knowing that I had shared images of friends’ animals without sharing with you a pic of my precious black cat named Arthur. Here he is:

Like all cats he has several names. Arthur, sweet boy, Putti, black cat, etc. Putti is because for a while there he had a kind of …. how can I describe it?…. a weird smelly thang going on. I don’t think he had learned how to wash himself and when we would pet him he would get excited and emit this horrific odor. Like a cross of really bad smelly underwear (old and stinky) and new freshly smelly stuff, and musky too! He finally grew out of this – his pootie/putti stinky stuff happens rarely now.

The funny thing about calling him pootie/putti – I was shopping for cat toys a couple of years ago and found this sweet stuffed cat with wings and it was called Putti. The tag said that Putti is plural for little boy cherubs. Isn’t that cute?

So what does this have to do with my new stash acquisitions? Nothing! Just teasing it out sloooowly.

Okay, so here is some stuff I just picked up at Three Kittens – no project in mind, just because:

Grignasco Top Print – 100% alpaca. Yum!

The rest is from my last trip to Needlework Unlimited:

Euroflax Sportweight and Koigu

The Euroflax is for some washclothes/bags I want to make to hold my special soaps. It seems that I am attracting a lot of handmade soaps as gifts. I don’t think I smell bad, must be a vibe thing I am sending out. I figure if I knit up some bags (one for each soap) then I can rig up some sort of hanger thingie in the shower so that I can have them at my reach but out of the spray, ready for use. Hanging in the bag they will dry quicker and last longer. And the bag will make a nice body scrubby too!

The koigu is meant for a Charlotte shawl. I realize that I will need more because most of these skeins are partials – purchased by the ounce. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I wanted a brown and purple shawl. Picking out Koigu over the computer monitor is just really hard.

Last pic! Here are some of my birthday presents!

Sally gifted me the Zen Knitting book and the cool astrological bookmark. Mary/twin gifted me the sweet sad looking kitties. She also gave me handmade soap and bath salts in a cool basket, but I just didn’t take a pic of those. The Caron Wildflowers thread, kitty notepad and Knitting mug are all from Kerry. I love birthdays!

Last night’s spinning was fun. Kerry and Jean showed up. Kerry brought her wheel and wanted to spin, but then found out that she had left the end piece of her bobbin behind. Good thing she had also brought a knitting project. I spun as did Jean. WT was there too with the dog, just hanging out and spending time listening to us for a while, then listening to music on his headphones. Zucchini bread was shared all around. WT even requesting seconds – wow! Perhaps the block against things zucchini has been healed.

Today is a day for more market squares knitting and just bumming around. Life is good even though we had to cave in and turn the heat on already. I usually try to hold out til Thanksgiving – no go this year.

2 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. Where did you get the Market Squares Bag pattern from? That looks like an excellent introduction to entrelac project! (And one I’d love to try.)

    Also, I have a cat, Bobo, that looks just like your Putti. Thankfully, though, he’s never had the same problem. Knock on wood.

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