Almost FO

I am so close on finishing the bag portion of the Market Squares bag – I can almost taste it. And it almost tastes like – !Bleh!

I have a student today so no knitting until 5:00ish. Those final rectangles go really fast! But then I have to knit the handles. I might finish tonight if I stay up late.

I didn’t go to the KnitIn at Ridgedale on Sunday. WT and I ended up going to a movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!?”. It is becoming a small hit. Check it out if you are interested in Quantum Physics, how our mind works, what is reality, etc. Great stuff. It was weird because usually documentaries are big about the name and qualifications of the people talking – you know, the name is shown whenever they speak. This time they waited until the end. It was interesting that way. It keeps one from assuming anything about them. I knew one person seemed familiar and I was right about her at the end. I don’t want to blow it for those that want to see the movie though, so I won’t share.

That’s all for now – Happy Monday!

One thought on “Almost FO

  1. I think your market squares bag looks awesome. You’re inspiring me to try it myself! Thanks for the tip on the movie–it sounds like just my kind of thing. Of course, I can never go OUT to see movies anymore (two young kids), but I’ll definitely put it on my video list.

    Hugs, Cate (new RAOKer)

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