Near the End

Today I felted my market squares bag. It is now drying on my dining room table. I have a metal bowl inside and then have it turned over my husband’s thermos so that the sides aren’t scrunched. It might take a few days to dry. I tried leaving it outside part of the day but either the wind blew it over or Guinevere pounced on it. Probably the latter; she has been very playful lately.

I think it looks great. A bit fuzzier than I wanted it to be, but after it dries I will try trimming off some of the fuzziest bits. And sew on the handles too.

Before felting it was about 40" around and 17.5" deep. After felting it is 33" wide. I forgot to measure the depth – and I am too lazy to go check right now.

Here are some before and after pics though:

I also finished fringing the poncho. I will mail it out this weekend. I had some yarn left over so I started on another poncho – same pattern – for my grandniece. I think she is about 3 or so? I am just winging it on the size. The opening is big enough to go over her head and I will keep knitting until I get a chance to have my mother look at it. She is an expert on all things children.

I will show you a pic of the finished poncho (the larger one) tomorrow or so.

7 thoughts on “Near the End

  1. What a great bag. I’ve made a few but I need a good one for myself. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and make something similar. It really is wonderful.

  2. Hides sucky entrelac. Great marketing for this bag. Yes it does hide sucky entrelac…. I guess I would consider mine sucky, especially at the beginning. I have learned more about picking up and knitting and picking up and purling, knitting backwards, purling backwards. Weirdly enough I used 2 different weights of yarn and it didn’t seem to matter. What I had forgotten to do is weave the ends in, so now I have some weird rasta things on the inside. I think I should be able to snip them short without any problem.

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