A Beautiful Long Weekend

Back to regular life after a truly beautiful weekend. It all started with a fabulous evening on Friday night. WT and I travelled to Eau Claire, WI to visit a friend, Robin and her husband Steve and their 2 lovely kitties. Steve is in the Jazz band at UW-Eau Claire. I guess the director is famous for his bands. They played Big Band music and it was great!!!

R and S hosted us overnight so we had a chance to visit. Robin showed me her progress on a soft silk scarf she is knitting for Steve. It looks like basketweave. She also showed me her Saxony spinning wheel. I guess I hadn’t been interested before, or perhaps she hadn’t mentioned it. She had it made years ago by Mr. Jensen of the now famous Jensen Spinning Wheels. I almost passed out when she told me how inexpensively she had this wheel made – custom, from SOLID WOOD. You couldn’t pull that off now. I wish I had brought my camera.

Saturday morning we traveled back to St. Paul, to run around doing errands and plan for another trip. WT decided we needed to make our long weekend more special by booking us one night’s stay at a B&B in Sparta, WI. Justin Trails Resort is pet friendly so Spencer came along for the fun.

What a wonderful trip! Spencer especially loved the ride, standing on the elbow rest to put his whole head and part of his chest out the window. Here is a shot through my window of my crazy dog in the side mirror:

The fall colors were beautiful. I relaxed and knit on poncho 2 and stopped to look and take a few pics on the way.

We finally arrived at the B&B

and checked into the house where our room was. We stayed upstairs in the Presidential Suite – cool!

After looking around the grounds a bit, we decided to take a walk on the grounds. This place is huge – with a frisbee golf course and walking and showshowing trails all around.

We didn’t make it very far before coming to a complete halt to check out the llamas in the back yard. We found out later that the owners have only had these 2 sweeties since April. Donna doesn’t spin, weave or knit. She told me the person who sold them the Llamas shears them each year. I was dying to ask her if she would be willing to sell me their….is it wool, hair or ?….but I stopped myself.

Anyway, back to the walk. It was wonderful. Here are some pics:

Just a perfect day. We went back to the grounds near the house, and kicked back to knit and read until it was too chilly to stay out. Back to the room to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was a weird experience. We had our minds set on steak so we found a listing for a nearby steak house. Found our way there – closed; as in not in business anymore. So we traveled into town for another grill place – closed. Weird. We finally found an italian restaurant and decided to try it. It was okay. You know how you get your mouth set for one particular type of food, and nothing else will do? That is what happened. I guess the other problem was that the food was very slooooooooooooooooow in getting to us. But it didn’t wreck our mood, it just didn’t add anything to it.

Back to our room where we enjoyed our in-room jacuzzi. Very relaxing.

Monday morning was a big breakfast at another building that is setup cafe-like with separate tables. We dined on their special granola with yogurt and milk, OJ, coffee, muffins, bacon and french toast. They also served a really nice wine syrup. Yum! We bought some granola and a bottle of the syrup to take home.

No rush to get back, so WT and Spencer headed off for a walk. I did some knitting back in the room. Back from the long walk, WT decided to jacuzzi again. Then we got our stuff together and headed down to read and knit. I finished the poncho (all but the fringe). I started a shawl for a friend and then it was time to go home.

On the way back we stopped for lunch. We wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse, but they didn’t serve until 4:00 p.m. Dang! So we headed to Applebees where it was another looooooooooooong wait for our food. What is up with that? Anyway, we tried not to fret as we didn’t want to spoil the mood.

I had spied a Hobby Lobby along the way so he dropped me off there after lunch. My first Hobby Lobby – we don’t have them in MN. It was nice. I picked up a knitting gadget that holds yarn separate on your finger. I also bought a bunch of acrylic yarn *gasp*.

I don’t mind confessing that I am not a yarn snob. If there is a color or type that suits me and it happens to be even 100% acrylic or microfiber or some other euphemism, I will buy it and use it with pride. Most folks that get gifted with hand-knit items don’t know how to care for more expensive, natural stuff. Most of the acrylics now aren’t really that bad. They aren’t as stiff or plasticy and they come in some very nice varigated colors.

This is already way too long so I will show pics of the yarn, gadget and finished ponchos tomorrow.


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