Proof of Ponchos

I promised a pic of the finished ponchos, so here they are:

I hope to get some pics of them being worn. I can make sure that happens with the smaller one, but the one for my niece goes to Florida and I can ask them to send a photo, but who knows if that will really happen. I am hoping Marissa will be here in MN for Christmas so maybe I can get a pic then.

So, to repeat – this is the pattern from Yarn Harlot. I used Schachenmayr Princess in 55 Angel Blue (72% Acrylic Microfibre/ 28% Viscose Rayon) that I purchased at Elann. I bought 5 balls and I used almost exactly that amount for the 2 ponchos together. Howz that for good yarn planning? Okay, so I hadn’t planned on making the 2nd one – I made it because I had so much leftover.

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