Ready to Circumnavigate

I traveled to Amazing Threads in Maple Grove, MN today to sign up for a class on the Circumnavigated Cardigan. The pattern is by Medrith Glover. I saw photos of it on the Ample Knitters website and thought it looked like a nice "grandpa sweater". You know, comfy and classic. Maybe old-fashioned, but in a sort of hip way (if you wear it with other funky things, that is). I wish I could point you to a pattern. The best I can do is point you to this .pdf document that lists all of Medrith’s patterns. I can also point you to the Circumnavigated Cardigan Project. If you page down you will see the some finished cardigans.

So here is the yarn I purchased for the project

The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool, 15% mohair), 4 oz and approx 190 yds. I bought 10 skeins because I am a large gal and I didn’t want to run out. I can always take back the extra (if there is any) or use it for a felting project. I need to start on my homework for the class – a gauge swatch.

I also purchased the book, Scarf Style: Innovative to Traditional, 31 Inspirational Styles to Knit and Crochet. I love the scarves in this book but I am not loving the photos. Each of the larger photos has significant areas where the lens seems smeared or blurry. The smaller detail shots are very clear though.

I know I mentioned working with acrylic yarns, and promised a photo of the yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby. Here it is, along with my hand with the yarn gadget I want to try out.

The detail of the little piece of paper is lost in the photo. It says "Yarn Guide". I guess it is for helping you to do multi-colored knitted. It was cheap so if it doesn’t work or I don’t like or (or never use it) no big whoop.

Okay yarn snobs, no snickering now. I think this yarn is pretty cool. It is called Rainbow Dreams and it is made by Caron. I think Caron’s acrylics are nice. These skeins are a whopping 10 oz., 525 yds. and they were only $4.92! I might have mentioned that I think they would be nice for around the house shawls, comfy afghans/throws. I don’t have any immediate plans for them, so off to the yarn closet they go.

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