Buyer’s Remorse or Elation?

I can’t believe what I have just done. I bid on and won an antique castle spinning wheel. I bid on and won a wheel I have never seen in person, never spinned on it! I also don’t know if it comes with any extra bobbins. I don’t know if I will be able to spin on it – it treadles 90 degrees different than the orifice! I hadn’t noticed that until I bid on it (the winning bid, mind you). I must be mad. I did the thing that spinners should never do, buy a wheel, an ANTIQUE wheel on the internet.

But….this is one nice looking wheel. I borrowed the pictures from the auction, and I guess that is okay because now I own it right?

Here it is – tell me what you think:

Have any of you ever done any spinning on this type before – spin on the side instead of straight on?

But you know what is really funny/weird about this. There is one part of me that thinks I should be feeling really freaked about this, but the other part – is feeling really cool about it all. I just know it will be a great wheel. I need to hang on to that part of me that knows this, and just trust and left it happen.

Other news: I allowed myself to get talked into going to Detta’s on Friday. Kerry needed to escape, and was nice enough to ask me to come along. I should have stayed home to attend to some astrology business, but figured what the heck! I tried out some wheels there – no go on any of them. Most wheels are double-treadle now and that just doesn’t work for me. Makes me feel too hemmed in. The other thing is I can’t believe the prices on some of these wheels! Why are some of the most butt-ugly wheels the most expensive?

But I did find some luscious roving – both plain (undyed) and fancy – a cool swirl of colors. Whee! Picked up some super bargain 100% wool, scratchy type yarn for some future felting projects too.

We also stopped along the way back to pick up some apples at a stand. Yum! I should have bought more. I may need to go back.

And tonight (now last night) I finished a hat for charity. I will post pics of the hat and the roving later today.

2 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse or Elation?

  1. Looks like a nice wheel! Alden Amos makes a swiss wheel similar to that – he says there is no problems with the yarn rubbing on the oriface or anything like that. *g*

    And yeah – prices for modern wheels are getting pretty outrageous! I’ll stick with my AA’s, thank you very much!

    Good luck with your new wheel!

  2. Your new spinning whel is so beautiful! I just went to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival and I watched people spinning. I should have tried it but I didn’t and I can’t get it out of my mind. I would love to start spinning, In fact my fantasy is to buy a farm, own some sheep and alpacas and spin my own wool. That would be my ideal life!
    Good luck with your wheel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and keep posting about it as I bookmarked your site and would love to hear how you are doing.

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