Here’s the Hat

Here is one of the hats I have finished, and one in progress. I have 2 blue ones done, and this brown varigated one that will be finished today.

The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun. I am using the Fluffy Hat & Mittens pattern. There are other hat patterns there you might want to check out.

I really like this hat, and the people that have received them love them too. Comfy warm and covers the ears, but isn’t so tight that it gives you major hat head. I gift them and also make up a bunch for charities and donate them to homeless shelters. Usually when people find out about this they give me money for the yarn to knit up for donations. Cool huh? So now I have a little stash that I am really hoping to use up because that would mean I made a lot of hats for charity.

Anyway, I took the pic showing that I use Denise Needles. I switch to Brittany double points when I start the decreases for the top. Wood needles do a good job of grabbing the yarn so that that stitches don’t fall off. I am also a big fan of the Clover knitting counter, also known as the Kacha Kacha, because of the sound it makes. Last but not least is my retractable tape measure. I keep all of my small tools (tape measure, counters, crochet hooks, etc.) in a small, clear, zippered make-up bag. I am compulsive about making sure it is by me when I knit, and it goes into my knitting bag so that I have all my tools handy when I am taking my knitting along.

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