I Love Bargain Books!

I went running around doing errands yesterday. My sister, Chaachi, came along. It was poring rain all day yesterday but we still had fun. She is game for just about anything, as long as it gets her out of the house. I was in that kind of mood too – and because I knew my hair looked bad when we started out – what the heck! And in the end it ended up looking better. Wha?

Anyway, we spent some time at Half Price Books. I love bargain books. Nothing good in knitting books, but I ran across this:

Peasant Chic: A Guide to Making Unique Clothing Using Traditional Folk Designs, by Esther R. Holderness

I don’t know – this might be a weird hormone thing going on because I have become very enamored of things 70s. But in defense and explanation this book is full of great ethnic/folk designs and will come in handy if I ever become a weaver. Ponchos, capes, robes, funky ethnic shirts – diagrams with measurements and they show layouts using bedspreads and rugs!

Still knitting the hats. I have to get my gauge swatch and measurements ready for my 1st night of the Circumnavigated Cardigan class Monday night. I am excited about the class, but somewhat erked that this is the special West Wing Pre-election Marathon night. Oh well.

Kerry and Renee and I are going to get together next week on Wednesday. It will either be a post-election party of celebration, or commiseration. Heck, it is just a good excuse to get together and knit/spin and eat.

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