Happy Turkey Day Everyone

Happy Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates this holiday.

I have so much to be grateful for: A wonderful husband, 3 fun furkids, my great family of sharing/giving/loud and wacky brothers and my lovely sister. I have my father and mother that always support and love me, and hopefully they feel that back from me. I am so grateful for the wonderful people that have become another part of my family – my students and especially my friends. I am grateful for the friendly connection I have to you all that read my blog and visit my websites. I am grateful to be able to do a "job" that I love — which is basically, helping people. What could be better? I am truly blessed.

Have a very happy turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed & sweet potatoes/yams & pumpkin pie day! Gobble gobble!!!

Fur and Slippers, Mittens and Scarves

My home is a haven for fur. Loose fur and hair from my 2 cats and my 1 large, hairy dog. The dog hair is the worst because it is so long. It is mostly on the floor, where the cat hair is usually on the couch, chairs, bed. Sometimes I joke that I probably have a large hairball in my stomach, waiting to be coughed up—wait a minute, I have been coughing a lot, hmmmmm.

Life in Minnesota is pretty cool. Temperature wise, that is. We have hardwood floors so keeping the feet warm is an issue. I don’t like shoes at all, and real slippers drive me mad. But last year I decided to make a pair of felted socks, from the free pattern on knitty.com called Fuzzyfeet. I love them! However, they are going to wear out. Even having an extra coating of dog hair on the bottom isn’t keeping them from getting thin and worn out. I need something more sturdy – something with a thicker sole. The pattern from Fibertrends for Felted Clogs fits the bill. The entire clog is knit with 2 strands of yarn held together, and then there is an additional layer of doubled clog bottom.

I decided to make them in colors that would set off the lovely golden retriever hair from my dogboy Spencer. Here is one clog, before felting.

I am making the clogs from Patons Classic Wool (100% wool) in old gold and russet. Which turn out to look a lot like the colors for the University of Minnesota. Go Gophers!

I still have to sew up the bottom and knit and attach the extra sole. Then on to the next slipper. They knit up pretty fast so I should be done with them, ready to felt some time tonight.

Yesterday when I was at the yarn shop to buy the clog yarn, I had another goal of getting yarn for mittens and a scarf. I found this:

I bought what they had, 8 balls. More than enough. Two will go towards the mittens. I might make more of a shawl with long ends for the scarf. We shall see. It is all just dreams until I get these clogs done, and then I have to get back to knitting on my cardigan. Somehow it has stalled out. I set it down to figure out if I had enough knit up to the armpits, figured out I had but then I didn’t take it back up. Now I have to knit fast and furious in order to be anywhere near where I should be for class next Monday. It is a good thing I don’t have much going on this week except knitting and beading – oh, and turkey day too! I better get going!

Colds – what to do

I have been reading other blogs and have noticed a lot of people have colds right now. I just wanted to get the word out that I found something that really works.

Products by Zicam. I am using the "cold remedy swabs" and they are really doing the trick. My post-nasal drip has decreased so my throat isn’t so sore, and that also means I am not coughing up a lung either.

My Helpers

I visited with my Reiki student/friend Betty Lou yesterday to drop off her shawl. She is such a sweetie – she had a little gift waiting for me. Here she is modeling her soft shawl.

It looks a bit short but that is just because she is wearing a bulky fleece top and has it hiked up over the collar. I don’t like to make shawls super long though, because they get caught on things and end up getting grotty from dragging around catching spaghetti sauce, hand soap, etc.

Betty loves her shawl, but her cat, zipper was not impressed.

Oh, well, can’t please them all.

Today I am working on my circumnavigated cardigan. That is my main focus until it is completed. I wanted to show you some pics to impress you, but it just looks like a big (and I mean big) pile of knitting. Instead, here are my helpers – my dogboy Spencer and my catgirl Guinevere:

This sweater design is really fun, but a lot of knitting especially since it is done in one piece, and for a while I was knitting the pockets (that fold back and get fused onto the fronts) along with each front and the back. Add to that the fact that this is a large sweater, because I am a large person. Now that I have the pockets fused, it is faster, but now the knitting is getting heavy. I am really glad I have my Denise needles because I can make whatever sized cable I want/need and the needles themselves are very light.

Right now I am to the straight knitting and I need to be up to the armpits for next Monday’s class. It’s a good thing I have my helpers there to keep me company, along with my favorite background listening/viewing – The West Wing. I am in heaven because I just received the DVDs for the 3rd season.

I wish I was feeling better though – it seems like I am getting a cold. I don’t get a runny nose – more of sore throat and cough from the torrential downpore of post nasal drip – ick! Time for massive amounts of hot, sweet tea, "suckies" (hard candy or throat losenges) , cold medicine, kleenex (for the occassional drip) and, of course, Reiki healing.



Yesterday was good. I wish I would have taken more pictures though. Renee and I arrived at Kerry’s place at the same time.

John Kerry still hadn’t given his concession speech, so we watched that together. We did not, however, watch Bush’s victory speech. Still too soon to do that.

Lunch was fab. I brought a bunch of good stuff to round out Renee’s excellent bread, and Kerry’s fabulous soup.

The dogs were being their normal doggie selves. Here is Crockett and Oakley’s struggle for bone domination.

Crockett sounds very fierce – growls like a mad dog and Oakley just stands there hanging on calmly, not budging. She always wins. Not to leave the kitties out of the pics, here is a cute shot of Owen. He has a perfect seat to perch and look out at the world.

I didn’t get a shot of Renee or the food or the knitting – dang! I did manage to get Kerry to pose with one of her new finished projects, this beautiful lace poncho.

I got a bit of knitting done, but when I got home decided I didn’t like it so I ripped it out. My spinning was good though, and now I have an almost full bobbin of dark purply-blue. Lots more to spin though, I will need to wind off the 2 full bobbins of pb/white mix. I don’t want to ply those because the plan is to have the pb/white mix plyed to itself, plyed to the pb solid, and then plyed to the solid white, then the solid pb to the solid white, and to itself, and then the solid white to solid white. After that I will use my freed-up time and brain space to work on world peace. Ah heck, I can do that while I am spinning and knitting – I will have to find something else to do then.

And so I end this post to share with you that sharing with friends is always a good thing. I arrived at home still a bit sad, but mostly refreshed. I am also full of new ideas and some exciting plans. Life is still pretty good and I am not a big fan of whining or whiners, especially if it is me.

Peace and LOVE to you today.

Trying to Sort it Out

I woke up hopeful this morning. Off and on I still am.

In my off moments I am struggling with the thoughts of… how can it be that I am so different from the rest of the country? I guess I am not the only one, because in my world, in my reality I am surrounded by people that think and act like me. That is how life works – we surround ourselves with people like us, and then think that the rest of the world is made up of people that think like “we” do. It isn’t, and I am sad about that.

I just don’t understand why other people wouldn’t want what to live in my world. You see, in my world people respect each other’s religious beliefs, love is equal – regardless of the sex of the partners, people help support those that don’t have the resources to help themselves, and there is a belief that the earth is a precious resource that deserves our protection.

I am also very heartsick that we can spend an enormous amount of money in these elections, and yet we allow so many people to go without food, clothing, shelter – the basic things of life. How can this be?

I know that I am only in charge of myself – I can influence others, but the bottom-line is that “it it is meant to be, it is up to me”.

On that note, here is a pic of the hats I have finished.

After I finish here I need to scoot around and get things ready for my day with Kerry and Renee. I am bringing hot artichoke dip, and Hot Southern Nuts. I want to head over to the Cost Plus World Market to pick up some fizzy juice and some good imported chocolate.

I will be bringing my spinning, but I also I plan on spending more time today knitting hats. I am hoping that my friends can help cheer me up. Perhaps not, but at least we can try.

I wish I had more hands, and more time. I guess I just have to be grateful for the fact that I can do something, and get about doing it.

Your Job Today

If you are an American, of voting age – your most important job today is to

So, if you are just sitting around, reading blogs – get your butt over to the polls and get that job done.

I will be knitting and spinning today, watching the election results on CNN, or listening to Minnesota Public Radio.

On the knitting front: So far I have 5 adult, and 2 children’s hats done. I have also started my circumnavigated cardigan. More posting and pics soon!