Your Job Today

If you are an American, of voting age – your most important job today is to

So, if you are just sitting around, reading blogs – get your butt over to the polls and get that job done.

I will be knitting and spinning today, watching the election results on CNN, or listening to Minnesota Public Radio.

On the knitting front: So far I have 5 adult, and 2 children’s hats done. I have also started my circumnavigated cardigan. More posting and pics soon!

2 thoughts on “Your Job Today

  1. Yes, Ma’am!
    Thank you or the lovely comment today!
    It just did my heart GOOD to know that someone is praying for me
    while spinning and knitting and listening to public radio….
    Blessings to you and yours,
    This day as always,

  2. Miss Susan, I saw your lovely comment on Greta’s blog today. Would love to correspond re:
    your life path. Am also doing healing work and studying medical intuitive work. If you
    might be open to chatting via email (or otherwise) drop me a line. All the best,
    caroline aka FiberTribe

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