Trying to Sort it Out

I woke up hopeful this morning. Off and on I still am.

In my off moments I am struggling with the thoughts of… how can it be that I am so different from the rest of the country? I guess I am not the only one, because in my world, in my reality I am surrounded by people that think and act like me. That is how life works – we surround ourselves with people like us, and then think that the rest of the world is made up of people that think like “we” do. It isn’t, and I am sad about that.

I just don’t understand why other people wouldn’t want what to live in my world. You see, in my world people respect each other’s religious beliefs, love is equal – regardless of the sex of the partners, people help support those that don’t have the resources to help themselves, and there is a belief that the earth is a precious resource that deserves our protection.

I am also very heartsick that we can spend an enormous amount of money in these elections, and yet we allow so many people to go without food, clothing, shelter – the basic things of life. How can this be?

I know that I am only in charge of myself – I can influence others, but the bottom-line is that “it it is meant to be, it is up to me”.

On that note, here is a pic of the hats I have finished.

After I finish here I need to scoot around and get things ready for my day with Kerry and Renee. I am bringing hot artichoke dip, and Hot Southern Nuts. I want to head over to the Cost Plus World Market to pick up some fizzy juice and some good imported chocolate.

I will be bringing my spinning, but I also I plan on spending more time today knitting hats. I am hoping that my friends can help cheer me up. Perhaps not, but at least we can try.

I wish I had more hands, and more time. I guess I just have to be grateful for the fact that I can do something, and get about doing it.

5 thoughts on “Trying to Sort it Out

  1. I think that many people don’t want to live in “your world” because it’s not all peace, love, and harmony. Plenty of liberals have proven themselves to be hateful, vile, rude people; I know I’m not eager to spend time with ’em after that. I don’t think it’s correct to say that conservatives don’t value individual religious values, or love-no-matter-the-gender-of-the-individuals, or the environment. The Religious Right does not speak for everyone, and not everyone beliefs that Bush is a horrible person. I’m one of those people who values all those things, trusts Bush, and feel that many liberals are proving their true colors: “I value differences and diversity as long as you agree with me. If you don’t, you’re ignorant and stupid.” (This isn’t to say you’re doing any of those things; it’s just that many – too many – liberals are. )

  2. I agree with you. I’m sad.

    I’m really wondering about that last poster. In fact, I’m fairly screaming about the hypocrisy of her accusations. Hateful, vile and rude? I’d like to know what liberals have done that compares to the demonization and denial of human rights to LGBT people by the right?

    Why the hell should I “value” her “diverse” opinions when the direct result of said “opinions” is war and torture (note our next attorney general believes the Geneva Convention is quaint and outdated), environmental degradation (the clean skies act), loss of civil liberties (the patriot act), gutting the public schools (no child left behind), higher medication costs for seniors, and a crippled economy.

    These are REAL results from this unfortunately real president. And her “trust” put him in office. On what is this trust based?

    Am I being rude and vile? If she supports those things through her vote, then I’m being very charitable indeed to say she is ignorant. I could just as easily say she is evil.

    Don’t want to be called evil? Then stop invading other people’s countries and killing them. Work to ensure quality schools for ALL American children, not just Christians or rich people. Enforce safe environmental standards. Promote people’s health over corporate profits.

    Where did she get the idea that being liberal meant being a doormat who just lah-de-dah accepts everything under the sun in the name of diversity?

    …. okay, okay…calm down… I won’t say any more. You can erase this post before it bursts into flames.

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