Yesterday was good. I wish I would have taken more pictures though. Renee and I arrived at Kerry’s place at the same time.

John Kerry still hadn’t given his concession speech, so we watched that together. We did not, however, watch Bush’s victory speech. Still too soon to do that.

Lunch was fab. I brought a bunch of good stuff to round out Renee’s excellent bread, and Kerry’s fabulous soup.

The dogs were being their normal doggie selves. Here is Crockett and Oakley’s struggle for bone domination.

Crockett sounds very fierce – growls like a mad dog and Oakley just stands there hanging on calmly, not budging. She always wins. Not to leave the kitties out of the pics, here is a cute shot of Owen. He has a perfect seat to perch and look out at the world.

I didn’t get a shot of Renee or the food or the knitting – dang! I did manage to get Kerry to pose with one of her new finished projects, this beautiful lace poncho.

I got a bit of knitting done, but when I got home decided I didn’t like it so I ripped it out. My spinning was good though, and now I have an almost full bobbin of dark purply-blue. Lots more to spin though, I will need to wind off the 2 full bobbins of pb/white mix. I don’t want to ply those because the plan is to have the pb/white mix plyed to itself, plyed to the pb solid, and then plyed to the solid white, then the solid pb to the solid white, and to itself, and then the solid white to solid white. After that I will use my freed-up time and brain space to work on world peace. Ah heck, I can do that while I am spinning and knitting – I will have to find something else to do then.

And so I end this post to share with you that sharing with friends is always a good thing. I arrived at home still a bit sad, but mostly refreshed. I am also full of new ideas and some exciting plans. Life is still pretty good and I am not a big fan of whining or whiners, especially if it is me.

Peace and LOVE to you today.

4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I was up last night trying to figure out how to make things good despite the way things ended up. I was too tired to come up with much, but I do know that I’m refusing to “unite” with the uncaring, greedy administration. I can’t. A couple more days to wallow and then it’s time to get busy!

    I’m glad you guys were over yesterday to comiserate, it helped to soften the blow.

  2. Fantastic picture of the dogs! It made me smile just remembering the tug of war. I guess we’ll have to consider ourselves the Oakleys – calmly waiting out the snarling and growling Crocketts, but always getting the bone in the end. I had a great time with y’all yesterday and was sorry I had to leave so early – and wishing I had some more of that soup today!

  3. Susan isn’t a fan of whining or whiners… I should know. But, for us and our household life goes on, and I believe with more determination than ever to just be who we are and do the “work” that we do. I wouldn’t trade places today with anyone else alive. Just being around this woman makes me smile. Yet, right now there is a bit of disappointment that exists… all to be overcome in what I suspect a short space of time.

  4. Welcome to the Spinning Wheel! Your furry kids are adorable, and I can’t wait to find out about that amazing antique wheel you bought – you’re right, it just feels like it will be spectacular! We want pictures and details when she gets to you!

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