My Helpers

I visited with my Reiki student/friend Betty Lou yesterday to drop off her shawl. She is such a sweetie – she had a little gift waiting for me. Here she is modeling her soft shawl.

It looks a bit short but that is just because she is wearing a bulky fleece top and has it hiked up over the collar. I don’t like to make shawls super long though, because they get caught on things and end up getting grotty from dragging around catching spaghetti sauce, hand soap, etc.

Betty loves her shawl, but her cat, zipper was not impressed.

Oh, well, can’t please them all.

Today I am working on my circumnavigated cardigan. That is my main focus until it is completed. I wanted to show you some pics to impress you, but it just looks like a big (and I mean big) pile of knitting. Instead, here are my helpers – my dogboy Spencer and my catgirl Guinevere:

This sweater design is really fun, but a lot of knitting especially since it is done in one piece, and for a while I was knitting the pockets (that fold back and get fused onto the fronts) along with each front and the back. Add to that the fact that this is a large sweater, because I am a large person. Now that I have the pockets fused, it is faster, but now the knitting is getting heavy. I am really glad I have my Denise needles because I can make whatever sized cable I want/need and the needles themselves are very light.

Right now I am to the straight knitting and I need to be up to the armpits for next Monday’s class. It’s a good thing I have my helpers there to keep me company, along with my favorite background listening/viewing – The West Wing. I am in heaven because I just received the DVDs for the 3rd season.

I wish I was feeling better though – it seems like I am getting a cold. I don’t get a runny nose – more of sore throat and cough from the torrential downpore of post nasal drip – ick! Time for massive amounts of hot, sweet tea, "suckies" (hard candy or throat losenges) , cold medicine, kleenex (for the occassional drip) and, of course, Reiki healing.


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