Fur and Slippers, Mittens and Scarves

My home is a haven for fur. Loose fur and hair from my 2 cats and my 1 large, hairy dog. The dog hair is the worst because it is so long. It is mostly on the floor, where the cat hair is usually on the couch, chairs, bed. Sometimes I joke that I probably have a large hairball in my stomach, waiting to be coughed up—wait a minute, I have been coughing a lot, hmmmmm.

Life in Minnesota is pretty cool. Temperature wise, that is. We have hardwood floors so keeping the feet warm is an issue. I don’t like shoes at all, and real slippers drive me mad. But last year I decided to make a pair of felted socks, from the free pattern on knitty.com called Fuzzyfeet. I love them! However, they are going to wear out. Even having an extra coating of dog hair on the bottom isn’t keeping them from getting thin and worn out. I need something more sturdy – something with a thicker sole. The pattern from Fibertrends for Felted Clogs fits the bill. The entire clog is knit with 2 strands of yarn held together, and then there is an additional layer of doubled clog bottom.

I decided to make them in colors that would set off the lovely golden retriever hair from my dogboy Spencer. Here is one clog, before felting.

I am making the clogs from Patons Classic Wool (100% wool) in old gold and russet. Which turn out to look a lot like the colors for the University of Minnesota. Go Gophers!

I still have to sew up the bottom and knit and attach the extra sole. Then on to the next slipper. They knit up pretty fast so I should be done with them, ready to felt some time tonight.

Yesterday when I was at the yarn shop to buy the clog yarn, I had another goal of getting yarn for mittens and a scarf. I found this:

I bought what they had, 8 balls. More than enough. Two will go towards the mittens. I might make more of a shawl with long ends for the scarf. We shall see. It is all just dreams until I get these clogs done, and then I have to get back to knitting on my cardigan. Somehow it has stalled out. I set it down to figure out if I had enough knit up to the armpits, figured out I had but then I didn’t take it back up. Now I have to knit fast and furious in order to be anywhere near where I should be for class next Monday. It is a good thing I don’t have much going on this week except knitting and beading – oh, and turkey day too! I better get going!

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