What I Want

I know this might seem somewhat tacky, but —

I know my husband and some of my friends and family members read my blog and I need some way to give out my gift list without having it lost. I also want some way to keep it handy because this list will work for all occasions, not just Christmas! (imagine that) and I can update it by checking off the gifts I get and also keep adding to it. So here it goes. They are NOT in any particular order of preference and any links are just for visual reference, it they can be purchased locally or cheaper elsewhere – hey, go for it!

  • Katie a-Go-Go™ – portable Lazy Kate for spinners. Received from WTW for Christmas 2004
  • gift certificate to
  • Video – Handspinning Wool -Advanced Techniques with Mabel Ross
  • Items from Knitty’s Cafepress Store
    • Yarn ho
    • lunch box
    • Coffee Mug
    • Canvas tote/bag
  • Euro Knit Sticker (black & white)
  • Books & CDs on my Amazon.com Wish List – please note which ones I would: love to have, like to have, am thinking about, do not want anyone to buy. If you can find it cheaper used, go for it!
  • ANY handknit or handmade item – really
  • ANY carded roving plain or fancy
  • YARN!
  • Some kind of nice shawl pin, or other spin or knit jewelry – cool shawl pin received from Leslie in 2004.
  • Any hand charm from this artist on this page – in sterling silver
  • Any of these Reiki Pendants
  • Wood, ceramic or bead orifice hook/threader, inch gauge, or diz gadgets. Here are some examples:
  • The Spinner
  • One thought on “What I Want

    1. Interesting list – why all the Richard Feynman? We have a CD you’d like to hear. It’s tuvan music with a final track all about Feynman, and his voice and music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – we have 2 CDs. I would love to see that yoga for round bodies book!

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