Spoiled Sweet Dogs and Clogs

Our dog is spoiled. We hate to say spoiled rotten so I came up with spoiled sweet. He is the reason I made my felted clogs the color they are – to go with him, of course.

Here are some pics of my finished clogs, with Spencer the Spoiled Sweet dog as a background.

I made the clogs wider to fit my wide feet. They are fabulous! I want to make each person in the world a set of these clogs. But I lack the time and the wool, so just a few people are getting them for Christmas and the rest of the world will have to wait.

More on the Spencer – Just about every night we have a habit of putting on a movie, or sitting around listening to CDs and reading. WT loves to sit on the floor, and it is a good thing because Spencer has decided that sitting next to me on the loveseat and: hanging over/pushing off from/or just basically weirding out next to me and over my husband is really fun to do. Here is proof of spoilage:

Other news: My wheel arrived! It came packed in a red label whiskey box. The box was small and very light. I opened it up to find a lot of very pummeled looking packing material. Very messy. I brought over a towel and started to very gingerly get the pieces out of the box – hoping to get all the pieces out without any major packing material mess. Dang but if there wasn’t a piece with what looked like a chip in it. It looked pretty symmetric so I was hoping it was intentional – but after getting out all the pieces I saw that it was a real chip. I managed to get it all put together (almost) just from looking at all the photos I had from the ebay ad.

I lacked a piece of something to attach the footman, and I needed to figure out how to get the drive band on, so I decided that was enough for one night. I kept the packing material and the box so I could (hopefully) find the piece that had broken off.

The next day I found the piece – almost like magic. I just put my hand into the bag of packing material and pulled it out. The chip was easy to repair with a bit of Elmer’s glue. You can’t even see it now, so I am not going to pursue any insurance reimbursement.

The wheel is pretty tiny. I have have the footman on now and the drive band on too. I still am not able to get it to spin evenly. I need to set aside some time to tinker with the setup. I think the drive band might be on kind of wonky. I will conquer this though – it is just a matter of time.

Enough for now – hope your countdown to Christmas/Hanukka/Yule/Kwanza (or whatever, *grin*) is going peacefully, easily, smoothly – Zen.

6 thoughts on “Spoiled Sweet Dogs and Clogs

  1. Love the slippers! I’ve been meaning to make a pair of those for years, but have never quite gotten around to it. Now I’m so in love with my fleece-lined suede slippers that I can’t imagine putting anything else on my feet, but I’m sorely tempted again by yours. The doggie pictures are priceless! What cute puppy face!!

  2. Oh the clogs look so so great! and the photos with WT are very nice. Remember the spinning wheel I had for years? I think they all are tricky to get going at first. Good luck.

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