Projects, Spools and Serendipity

I am knitting a poncho for my friend Mary’s youngest daughter Mikaela. She wanted it to be black and grey. I think it is kind of dull for a little girl, but it is better to knit up something she likes (at least for the moment) than to take any chances. It is coming along nicely – a blend of A Very Harlot Poncho and the poncho in the new book

Stitch 'n Bitch Nation
Stitch and Bitch Nation

I am using Lion Brand Cotton Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in 153-Licorice (sounds more fun than black) and Bernat Soft Boucle in 26928-Grey Shades (98% acrylic, 2% polyester). I love this Cotton Ease yarn. It is nice – smooth and doesn’t hurt my hands like plain cotton. It looked like it might split, but no problems yet.

I am going to continue in black with the occasional purl row thrown in, and then have some more grey stripes toward the bottom, and then fringe it in the black cotton or a mix or alternating fringes with the grey boucle.

Spools: Here are some of my full spinning spools.

I am still working on the cream/white portion of the superwash wool and mohair blend that I picked up. This is only the 2nd bunch of roving that I have spun up. It seems to take forever, especially since I haven’t been spinning much – gotta actually spin to produce something. Maybe after all the holiday knitting I will be able to concentrate more time toward spinning. Part of me is waiting because I might either get gifted or buy the Katie A-Go-Go so plying will be easier. I am not the best at plying yet – mainly because I haven’t had that much practice? Anyway, I need to ply otherwise I will have to go out and buy more bobbins. That would probably be a good thing to do anyway.

But on to the serendipity portion. I was on the internet this morning, noodling around, adding books to my wish list. I was searching on the word "clog" and up popped a book that I have been madly searching for. It is a children’s book that I remember bits and pieces of, mainly the illustrations. Nobody seemed to remember this book except me. And it is hard to find a book if you don’t know the title. All I knew is that it had pictures of Japanese shoes in it. I kept looking around at used book stores (figuring it was out-of-print) and never found anything. I just put it out there to the Universe that I needed to find this book. It has been several years now of searching, and here it is today.

A Pair of Red Clogs
A Pair of Red Clogs, by Masako Matsuno

Why I searched for clogs today on I just don’t know. But it worked and I am glad.

I hope you get what you are wishing for too – and soon!

Peace and Love and Knitty hugs

One thought on “Projects, Spools and Serendipity

  1. I am trying to do the poncho in the book on pg 86 – Razor’s Edge – I am not seeing the pattern! Do you know anyone who has done this one? Is there anything missing fromt he pattern? Can you direct me to how I could reach Debbie Stoller to ask or a website where I could get this info?

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