I shouldn’t really spaz out that it is so close to Christmas. But I feel the impending doom as the hours tick by. Christmas shouldn’t be like that but I realize it is for most people. Especially women. Too much shopping and baking and CLEANING. Too many presents to get or worse MAKE. I am still making. I wish I could get up the umph to clean, but time is better spent elsewhere.

Gift giving: My family is different in that we give to whomever we choose and if you choose not to gift a particular person – no big deal. I think we landed on this because there is just too dang many of us, and drawing for names felt really hollow. Now there are more gifts and frankly, the excitement of wondering if you are going to be a person with a mound of presents, one with hardly anything at all or someone with something in between. Okay by me – truly – however it lands.

I give homemade peanut brittle and spiced walnuts. It is one of those traditions that if I stray from it I would be severely wounded, killed even. I love to do it but it is messy and time consuming and kind of tiring. I usually make about 6 batches of brittle and just as many of the spiced walnuts. It is quite the operation and my arms and hands ache afterwards but there just isn’t any substitute for homemade.

I do have one knitted gift almost finished – but it isn’t mine to give. My friend Mary’s daughter’s poncho is ready to fringe.

I will have to dehair it too. Mary should be coming for tonight’s Reiki Healing Share so I need to get my butt moving and get the fringe done.

I still have a set of clogs to make (for a friend) and many, many more cotton dishcloths and felted trivets (for my mom). One of WT’s gifts is done (can’t say what because he reads this blog). Chaachi’s gifts are in process too. I still don’t know what I am going to do for one friend and the rest are getting the brittle and nuts or a warm smile and a hug and a wish for a terrific Christmas and wonderful new year.

Parties – Here is a pic from Kerry’s b-day get-together last friday at Cafe Latte.

Marilyn is on the left with a stunning Vivian Hoxbro sweater. Renee is on the back right, and then moving forward we find Sarah, Kerry, Me. Sandy took the picture. Regrettably, Kerry’s cousin isn’t quite pictured and Kerry’s sister hadn’t arrived yet.

The funny thing about the gift I made Kerry. I had flaunted my felted clogs at her – wanting to draw her out in hopes that the set I had started for her would work. Then I had to crush her enthusiasm because it seemed like she was going to make a pair for herself! Nooooo!!! I gently (I hope) reminded her of all the things that needed to be done by Christmas. She backed down so I figured I was set. Only to be crushed by the email the day before the party telling me that her g*damn (my word) sister had given her a set of sheep slippers. Another set of slippers – ack!

I decided to just ignore that and give her the pre-felted slippers anyway – with a letter telling her of my woes, and calling her sister "g*damn sister". Then I get to the party and have a heart attack because her sister is there. Okay, calm down, different sister. The one thing that can save me is the card I bought, which I thought was cute and original. But noooooooo, the first present presented had almost the same exact card. Same sentiment, just a slightly different presentation. Fudge!

But because Kerry is such a sweet and kind person, she liked the clogs, and we had a laugh about the card too.

Gift giving can be hard on a person.

Sunday brought a lovely day with my Mr. Wonderful (read husband/William-Thomas/WT). It was our 11th/6th Anniversary; Eleven years together, 6 years married. Sunday the 12th was both our wedding anniversary and one of our many December dating celebrations. There is the phone call on the 5th, the date/meeting on the 8th, the "he made me dinner" anniversary – and so on *nudge nudge, wink wink*. We chose the 12th as our wedding date because 12-12-98 was way cool, 12-12-2012 will be even cooler and because the 21st was too weird to pick as our wedding aniversary (the 21st is the wink-wink-nudge-nudge anniversary).

When I got up on Sunday a.m. WT had already shopped for the pork roast dinner night. He did pretty good too, seeing he shopped while he wasn’t quite awake yet. Waking up for WT is a looooooong, sloooooow and sometimes painful process. Later he snuck back out and purchased the few things he had forgotten *grin*.

The dinner was fab, and of course the company couldn’t be better. Just our little happy home – snug and safe – with our tummies full of good food. Life is pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and decided to stop lurking today because I would love to have your recipes for both the brittle and the spiced walnuts. They sound so delicious. Please, please share with your readers.

    Have a fantastic holiday season! And thanks for your great contribution to the knitting blog world!

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