Spamming Raised to a New Level

A few weeks ago WT and I received a holiday letter along with a pic from a couple I didn’t recognize. It was addressed incorrectly, I was addressed as "Sue" never mind that it came to the Wegners. I jumped to the conclusion that these happy people in the photo with the lovely letter belonged to WT and his clan – they don’t get my name right and haven’t figured out that I am an Aguirre, not a Wegner. Only my family and friends from long ago call me Sue. I really prefer Susan and don’t even think to call me Susie.

So, the letter and photo have been sitting with my other holiday cards. WT finally called his brother Gary and asked him and his family if anybody knew these people? No.

Then I re-read the letter and I believe we have been holiday letter and photo spammed! This couple talks about several spas and get-aways that they encountered in their last trip. Oh, and here is the tip-off. They just got back from an American Resort Development Association conference.

Isn’t this just the height of tackiness! Nice looking couple though. So here they are – the holiday spammers.


Better holiday cards and gifties have been arriving. I purchased a CD for myself for a "just because" gift. It is Wren Ross’s Greatest Knits CD. No, that isn’t a typo – check out her site. She has a great voice and the songs are very funny: It Had to Be Ewe, Ba Ba Blacksheep (my fav), Holly Ann, I Will Knit for You, After the Ball is Over, Greensleeves and 76 Stitches. The CD came packaged with this cool knitting ribbon.


I will probably re-use it for another knitter’s gift. Do you re-use bags and ribbons and stuff too? I figure it is a good way to recycle, although I tend to keep those good sturdy gift bags for knitting projects.

Well, I am off to do my brittle and walnuts now. I was waylaid by a migraine the other day – and the aftereffects dragged out until today.

Happy Solstice Everybody!

4 thoughts on “Spamming Raised to a New Level

  1. Really bizarre about the spam mail… I don’t suppose there’s another person by your name that they might have known and thought they’d found the right address? Weird.

  2. I dont usually leave comments on blogs very often however I thought I should mention the business about the spa letter that looks very personal…Consumer reports had a thing on similiar letters recently(they didnt mention the spa one, their example was vitamins or something…but obviously there are others doing this too) is one of the latest mail order things going. they send a letter, sometimes with a post it note that looks handwritten…presumably to help insure that by the time you figure out that its just another piece of junkmail and not a personal message, that you have opened it and read it rather than just throwing obvious junk mail in the trash.

  3. It works then (kind of), because I kept that letter and photo for a couple of weeks. However – it’s not like I ended up checking out any of the places they mentioned. I wonder how effective this kind of marketing is?

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