Still Nuts

2 more batches of peanut brittle and 4 more batches of walnuts to make but this time I think I am going to try a double recipe of the walnuts. I would never tempt fate on the brittle.

The walnuts are turning out extra good this year. The brittle snaps but is still kind of tacky. But it tastes delish and the chewiness helps one from eating a lot of it.

Humidity and variations in the freshness of ingredients keep these treats interesting in that they aren’t always the same – even though I make them the same way. Oh and this year an electric range vs. gas – might be that too.

I have a gift for my mother that needs doing too. She is getting washcloths (done) dishtowels (done) and money – for my dad too but mom runs the show.

She has always wanted a mother’s ring but because there are so many of us (8) hardly any places can make one for her, and especially to her liking. I found a pattern and instructions to make a Swarovski crystal pendant in the shape of a heart and I thought I could get it to be a mother’s pendant. But time is running out, she is my mom so she’ll understand. I might not even tell her about it and just go ahead and surprise her – that will be better.

Pics to come.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I am hoping that you have a very happy, comfortable and peaceful day .

Back at ya on Sunday.

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