Favorites for 2004

I found this on Zeneedle’s blog, who found it on Amy’s blog and it seemed like a nice way to recap 2004.

Favourite needles for 2004:
My set of Denise needles. I love my set – it comes along in my knitting bag and I show it to anyone who wants to see – okay, and a few who probably couldn’t care less. I have also just recently purchased the 2 extra long cables. I hear there is a price increase coming up, so if you are going to buy them, do it now!

Favourite On Line Shop for 2004:
Elann and Smiley’s Yarns are my favs this year. Elann is just so much fun to check. They have a great selection – super deals. Smiley’s is a great place to get rock-bottom prices on some good acrylic yarns, and sometimes wool too!

Favourite Yarn for 2004:
There really isn’t a yarn that I don’t like, but it is true that I like some better than others. First off, my own yarn that I made with my own hands this year would have to top the list. Then the great deal on some nice ribbon yarn from Elann, Schachenmayr Princess ( 72% Acrylic Microfibre/ 28% Viscose Rayon). I used it for 2 ponchos. Very slinky and fun.

Favourite finished object and KAL for 2004:
Well, my favorite finished object would have to be my Market Squares bag. I didn’t do any knit-a-longs, but I looked at a lot of them. I loved watching the output on the Booga bags – and did one, but later. I have lusted after the Charlotte shawls (still to do) and am kicking around the idea of falling into the rash of Clapotis that seems to be going around **** Clapotises, Clapoti? ****

Exciting new technique for 2004:
There are more than one! Blogging, entrelac and spinning, and knitting backwards and purling backwards too (on account of said entrelac).

Be sure to share your favorites on your own blog, and if you don’t have a blog – what’s up with that?

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