Counting My Blessings

I am very blessed and I live in a state (Minnesota) that is very wonderful in a country that is relatively prosperous and safe. But I live in a world that is always experiencing so much sadness, grief, loss and devastation. Being alive and keeping alive isn’t easy for many people what with hunger and violence and so many other things that keep people from reaching their full potential.

With the recent quakes and tsunami there are even more people that need help. I will do what I can and I hope you will too. One way to help is to provide a service or a product and donate all or part of the proceeds to relief efforts. Susan, in her blog, I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can has a great socks pattern for sale and all of the proceeds will go to Oxfam’s Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Fund. Please buy her pattern.

I want to help too! I have some beaded knitting stitch markers that I call Goddess Guards©. Here is a photo of them:

They are $9.99 for a set of 9 and include shipping (USA only please). Click here to go to the full description and a way to order via PayPal. I will donate $5 to Care International for every set ordered.

Now I feel like I can share with you some of my holiday blessings. I wish I could pass along the hugs and happiness from the great gatherings that we had here – I will have to settle with photos of the cool stuff I got.

First, my gifts from William-Thomas: a full version of Windows XP. (I know it isn’t directly knit or spin related, but sure helps with sanity issues and ease of blogging. ) The other, the Lazy Kate A-Go-Go™ that I had on my list. I used it already and it sure makes a difference in plying. A big difference. No more tangles and twists and plying is very fast now. I still need practice though. Here are 2 spindles of my plyed yarn (varigated) and one spindle of singles (just because):

I have been on a spinning kick lately. I won’t run out of fiber any time soon, and to be sure of that Kerry helped out by giving me this for Christmas:

The hatbox alone was very cool and decorated with my favorite flower, the pansy. There are 8 oz. each of fiber from The one of the left is called Canadian Sunset, the other, Wild Berry.

I was also gifted a beautiful shawl pin from an old friend, Leslie / At the End of the Day (waypasttense). ***She can take that either way***.

I remembered when she bought this shawl pin – years ago. She thought it would get more use with me. I love it!

I know this is already getting long – but dang it, I still have a lot more to share.

My friend Kerry has been having some owies lately. I have been trying to help out as best I can. Yesterday, after getting back from her house I found out that the gift that I had ordered for her had finally arrived. She says she wants to see it, but just in case I have it as a link instead of out in the open. Click here to see it.

Okay, so in wrapping up I am back to knitting caps again. But my dear sister informed me that she needs a wide, warm, and super long scarf. I had scammed on some very discounted Bernat mohair blend yarn called Misty some time back. I think it was $2/skein. Anyway, I have a huge stash of perle cotton in black (previous weird buy) that I thought would look good carried along with the mohair. It fits with the wool poncho she wears so that is what she is getting. I am no dummy, I checked with her highness first. Seriously, it is nice to knit or bead for someone who isn’t afraid of voicing their very specific requirements before you make them something. It cuts down on the disappointment factor. Here is what I have so far.

I might through in some "stripes" of moss stitch or something though because it really isn’t doing it for me yet. Maybe I need to add an eyelash or other fancy thread. Hmmmm. Feel free to give me some hints.

That is enough for me today. I am off to knit and spin. I probably won’t be back blogging until 2005, so I am going to wish you a very safe, warm, peaceful (or fun and loud) New Year celebration. WT and I will be kicking back watching DVDs, eating exotic snacky stuff and I will be spinning or knitting.


4 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. YAY!!! I have seen that sheepy rug before and wanted to get it, but never did because I was waiting for THIS MOMENT!! YAY!!!

    I’m not as generous as you gave me credit for – it’s six ounces of each of the rovings instead of eight. I’m thinking of putting in an order for myself – I love the Midnight Moon she has on eBay – so if you want more, let’s add it to the order.

    Thank you for being such a great friend the last few days. Well, always, but ESPECIALLY the last few days!

  2. Hi there, I just bought some stitch markers–thanks for doing this. Ever little bit helps. I’m a new Fiber ROAKer and am glad to have found your blog today!

  3. I sure hope you can use the pin – I’ve never used it but could not throw it away because I loved it so much. Let me know if you find just the right shawl to wear it with – maybe post a photo?

    I love the scarf you made for Chachi, really pretty fiber.

    Question for you – what is the difference between the home version and the professional version of Windows XP?

    I bought my stuff today – a notebook computer and printer, office supplies, a desk (very simple, blue glass and metal) and a phone. I’m ready to set up once Peter gets his stuff put away.

    He is upstairs right now being extremely glum and somewhat hostile because he “needs” that space and I don’t really need that space. I know he needs space, but I asked if he could just hold on for 1-1/2 years until the boys leave home and then he can have the entire basement and I won’t go in it at all, ever (he can do the laundry that way, eh?).

    He likes this idea – I do too. Maybe he can have an office and an art room in the basement and I can have a sewing room on the first floor and an office upstairs. What will we do with the entryway?

    Although, I’d still like to rent the basement after the kids leave… guess we won’t have to think about that for a few years though.

    Gotta get cracking on storing stuff under the eaves. Talk to you later.

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