I finished the scarf for my sister. Here it is, draped over her wool poncho that she wears as a winter coat.

Again, Bernat Misti (50% acrylic, 35% mohair, 15% wool). And unidentified cotton that I had a crapload of. Stitch: cast on an even number of stitches. P1, YO, P2 together (repeat across across) P the last stitch. Repeat to desired length.

I was hoping that the acrylic content would keep the mohair/wool from being too fuzzy and hairy but alas, it still leaves a lot of hair all over the place – maybe just not as much as it would otherwise.

I am working on a scarf (and mittens eventually) for me. So far it is okay, but I am not 100% convinced. I may make the whole scarf and then decide again – really.

Here is what I have so far:

This scarf comes from the book Knitted Shawls, Stoles & Scarves, by Nancie M. Wiseman. I really recommend it. It has nice shaped items. Shaped so that the scarves snuggle around the neck nicely without bunching up.

Knitted Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves

Mine is the Textured Squares Scarf, on p. 22. I am making it in a lighter weight yarn, so am using smaller needles. If I continue, I will make it much, much longer than the one in the pattern. Theirs looks nice, but somewhat stiff and short in the pic.

I have received 8 orders for my Goddess Guards© beaded stitch markers. Yeah! To recap – I am going to donate $5 to tsunami relief for each pair ordered. I am going to put a limit on this because they take a bit of time to make. So here is the deal, I will continue to make the donation of $5/set for any orders through January 31, 2005.

And, I finally got my hands on a full-spectrum light that didn’t break the bank. It is a Bell & Howell. It isn’t really nice looking, but what the heck – it works.

It is taking me some time to get used to it. I guess I have been working in a lightless cave up till now because the light seems rather blinding. I took the pic of my scarf under the light and I didn’t have to adjust the colors at all. If you are interested in one, get it through Harriet Carter because there is a good deal going on right now.

I also received a small package from Detta too. She sent me these R&R bobbins. They are the ends of spindles and you use them with toilet paper rolls to use as temporary bobbins when you ply. So far I have wound off 3 bobbins onto toilet paper rolls, and once I get more spun I will start plying and will report back to you if they work. The conversion to the toilet paper rolls was kind of a pain. But once I figured out that I needed to use duct tape to tape the roll onto the ball winder, it went much more smooth.

It seems like I should say more, so I will.

Do you believe in prayer? I do. Even if you don’t believe there isn’t someone "up there" to hear us you might want to try it out. Especially because there has been so much going on lately. People still hurting from disasters years ago, 9/11, the tsunami victims and their families. We need to keep each other going – keep each other believing that there is help and hope. Praying out loud is especially helpful. And this isn’t just a religious thing – it is a Quantum Physics thing. Really. If you are interested in that, and you haven’t already – run to see the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" and pay attention to the portion about water and words. Check out this website about how thoughts and words and music change the structure of water.

Okay, I feel like I’m done now. I hope you have a great day. Thursday has always been my favorite day.

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