Catching Up

I feel like those of you who read my blog are my friends that I haven’t been able to connect with – and now we need to catch up. I hope you are all up for a large-ish post.

The Minnesota contingent of Ample Knitters gathered yesterday. We have taken to meeting monthly and this month we re-visted last month’s place of the Perkins restaurant off of 494 on France in Bloomington. This is one huge Perkins. We ate lunch, talked and shared our latest creations and then did a bit of knitting. It is really nice getting together with other knitters. We get a lot of "looks" though. One cute elderly lady went up to Kerry and said "I do knitting too!" — all proud.

I had brought my 13 finished children’s hats and 1 children-sized scarf to add to the donation pile (Kerry is gathering donations of winter items for a local school). Now I am done with hats for a while. I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of the whole pile. But most of them were basic hats done in wool/acrylic or poofy acrylic yarns.

I also brought along my recent purchase of this book:

Socks for Sandals and Clogs, by Anna Zilboorg

I would give you a link to but they are still showing this as out-of-print. This book is a new edition with new socks. It is fabulous. I want to make all of the socks. What is really cool is that they also have resoleable socks in here too. I have other patterns for resoleable socks, but the patterning on these – dreamy.

Now a confession. I have made a lot of socks. But none out of sock weight yarn. Is that weird? I don’t know why, but I feel intimidated by sock-weight yarn for socks. It doesn’t have to do with smaller knitting needles because I started back to knitting making beaded knitted amulet bags out of size 0000 and 00000 needles. There is no rational connection here – I am just afraid. I have to work through this so I am working up to doing a set of socks for myself really soon. Please someone hold me to it. I should tell my local knitting pals so that they will check up on me.

Okay, so here is another item to share. A non-knitter friend of my weekly beading/knitting group brought a kit made by Cranston Alice had purchased one of these kits

for her daughter to knit for her – cute! She told me she bought hers at Walmart so the next time I was there I picked one up too. They come if different styles and colors.

And I also recently purchased some more Koigu PPM for my Charlotte Web Shawl, but I forgot to bring it up here to my computer so that will have to wait til next time.

I am still working on that basketweave scarf for me. I also just picked up a skein of really stunning Cherry Tree hill sock yarn last night when Kerry and I ran around to swap out some yarn for a shawl she is planning to knit. Pick and pattern to follow, also a pick to another book purchase – this one is a Christmas Sock book. I can’t remember the name so that will wait too.

Sounds like a lot of purchases recently. I understand other knitters curtailing their stash enhancement activities to get a handle on their space, or to fund other endeavors (like charity donations) but I guess I am not interested in doing that right now and probably never will. I have lived a kind of life where I have always been one to think about others first and have denied myself a lot of things – or gone through periods when buying anything but the basics of life was out-of-the-question. I am just not interested in living that way anymore.

However, it has led me to realize that I really don’t need to get things now. I pause and think and tune into my desire to see where it is coming from. It is a coming from a desire to comfort myself, or perhaps a feeling of fear (if I don’t purchase it now, it will run out/not be there so I don’t want to miss out), or from a true appreciation and a desire to create? It sounds like a long process, but it only takes a few seconds.

It works and that is good because I like balance. Can’t figure if it is a Zen thing or a Libra thing. Doesn’t matter, I just feel comfortable in the middle.


4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. MAKE THE SOCKS!!! Remember, knitting is a joy, not something to bring negative mold into your life. Do it and have fun with it!

  2. That Anna Zilboorg book sounds very interesting–I really like Knitting for Anarchists and I’m thinking about buying some clogs, so I may have to check it out.

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