Perhaps My Next Project

I used to be the kind of person who had only one book going, and would keep at it until it was finished. I also usually only had one project going – back when I was doing beadwork. And there were only the occassional UFOs – tucked away for undoing later when I was more in the mood.

Now I find myself reading several books at a time, and having several projects going. I like it!

So, here is one of my next projects. At last, a real Charlotte of my own, not someone else’s that I visit on their website. Someone on the AK list mentioned "yarn porn". My yarn porn is more in the way of finished projects. I have tucked away links to people’s choices for their Charlotte Web Shawls and links to the finished shawls. I have tucked away links to online stores that sell a good selecton of Koigu PPM, I have downloaded some of these to try to make up combinations that I like.

But when it got down to it, I visited local yarnstores to make my purchases. It is just too dang hard to photo Koigu and capture how they will look with other colors of Koigu.

Now, here is what I have come up for mine:

1=117 blue (21 g) & ??? pink/blue (36 g), 2=239 brown (50 g), 3=201 dark purple (35 g), 4=314 tans (30 & 36 g), 5=305 bright purple (50 g)

Most of these are partial skeins that I bought from Needlework Unlimited when the had both a massive new shipment and were selling partials by the gram. The last color I picked up at The Yarnery. I read from another person’s tips that if you can, buy more of the 5th color so I will do that.

I have to figure out what to do to get more of the 3rd color and in order to create the 1st color I am mixing 2 different partial skeins. If it doesn’t work I will need to find more of either. I would really like to use all of the mystery number skein – I think it might be 705. So…. if anyone out there has some 705 lying around or some 201 lying around I would be very grateful if you would sell your partial stash to me. Just email me so we can strike a deal.

In my last post I mentioned having purchased some Cherry Tree Hill for another scarf. I just tried to photo it – can’t get the colors to come out right and from visiting the Cherry Tree Hill website, I can see that they had problems too. If you saw this yarn in person you would scratch your head when you read the color African Grey because mine doesn’t have any hint of grey. It is very vibrant and flame looking. I saw it done up as a scarf in a modified feather and fan pattern and couldn’t take my eyes off it it. The owner saw this and gave me her freebie pattern. Silly girl, it wasn’t the pattern I was struck with. But of course once I got that freebie pattern it was almost like the secret okay from on high to go ahead and get that skein. Do I really need another scarf? No. Do I really look good in those colors – not really, but they are so delicious. I could pull it off with a lot of purple on, and I wear purple so there you go.

I am making fantastic progress on the scarf I showed you before. I will probably be done this week. Then on to matching mittens. I need to find a somewhat matching pattern for the cuff that mimics the basketweave design. I think I might have found it in a cuff pattern from the book, Cool Socks Warm Feet but that is just from a casual look. I will need to research that a bit more.

Now I gotta go jump in the shower and get out the door for my weekly meeting of The Bead Ladies (not just Ladies, not just beads) .

Talk more at ya later.


4 thoughts on “Perhaps My Next Project

  1. African Greys are parrots that are mostly grey and white, with an amazingly brilliant flaming red section of tail. Perhaps that explains the colour name? Congrats on taking your yarn fantasies into reality. Hope you love and adore the process and the product. After all, real love is always better than porn.

  2. Charlotte colors blend together beautifully…like magic. It is a good idea to have more of your last color or you can blend them all the way down. Anything really works. It’s beautiful no matter what. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the community us bloggers have.
    Looks like you have a lot of snow, I love your hat tree, and your
    Charlotte colors. Charlotte has been on the edge of my vision in the
    blog world, but your yarns make me want to learn more. Where does the pattern come from. In all the pictures I have seen I didn’t know it had all those yarns. (and is your new sock book good?

  4. Hey – congrats on starting your Charlotte. I remember tucking away all those links and spending endless time playing with Koigu color combos, too. One thing that you might not already know… you actually use a very SMALL amount of color #1 in the actual knitting. You do end up finishing the hank in the fringe. But for the actual knitting, it’s a small amount. Just in case that helps you figure things out a bit.

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