Can’t believe this is happening. President Bush celebrating his 2nd inauguration when so many people have died in the war, and with the recent natural disasters. I am ashamed and mad. What are we to do?

Please, if you haven’t heard of this – check it out. Make today a Not One Damn Dime Day. We don’t have any business celebrating when so many people could benefit from the money used in this shamefully embarrassing display of over-the-top excess.


Okay, so now that I have that out, I want to let you see what I celebrate and can feel good about it too….

This great gift from Ample Knitters Secret Pal

This cool scarf kit is by Lincraft. Michelle lives in Australia, and she had to sign her name on a form to get this 1st gift mailed to me. So, she is not a secret pal anymore but I am way okay with this. I get gifts! Whoooo hooooo.

Another thing to celebrate. Kerry took this cool picture of all the hats and the scarf I made:

It looks like a magical tree.

That is all for now.


4 thoughts on “Celebration?

  1. Hi Susan,
    Glad you enjoyed the gift πŸ™‚ Now I want to see pictures of the WIP and the FO πŸ™‚ Now what to send for the next gift? Oh this is soooo much fun!!
    Your “not so secret” AKSP

  2. Hi Susan,
    Love your hats….That does look like a magic tree. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I just felted my husband’s clogs last night. The Gjestal yarn needed 6 cycles to felt them. They are a tad wider than I wanted them, but will be fine.

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