It’s Thursday Already

Dang. Having a non-traditional "job" and life means days of the week get mixed up. Today feels like a Monday to me. Don’t know why. Maybe it is because my mojo is off. My husband, WT slept in today but got up before I did. He was all in my area first thing in the morning so now I am off. That sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? What I mean is that I have a normal morning routine. Get up, greet the dog, open the bedroom door, greet the cats. Turn on the computer, use the potty, get back to the computer, net while I wake up, shower and dress and either go back to the computer and do some work or work on whatever the day brings. Same routine every morning. If I have a client or student I still start the day off with the computer, I just don’t spend as much time there.

Anyway, while WT was computing and such, I spent a few minutes taking pictures of some FOs. Now I realize the scarf really isn’t finished because I haven’t tucked the ends in yet. Even so, here it is along with my one finished mitten:

I steamed the scarf with an iron to block it and I don’t like how smashed and thin it looks. You can see it looks lacy on one end where the light is coming through – it really isn’t that thin. I think I am going to dunk it and pin it today after I sew in the ends. I tried to get a pic of the way it comes to a "v" at the middle but the picture was blurry and I don’t want to mess with the camera again.

Tuesday night my friend Leslie and I got together to work on some quilts for a charity project that we are attending on Saturday. It has been years since I did any sewing for quilting. It was nice. We had seriously underestimated the time we needed to get this pre-work done (of course). So I spent some time yesterday afternoon finishing my part up. Here are some pics of the huge strip of fabric I needed to produce in order to be ready for the big event on Saturday.

I didn’t pick the fabrics. I thought some of them really didn’t fit, but now that they are all sewed together I think they look pretty nice. It is a nice coincidence too seeing that the theme is African because I had a student this weekend who is visiting here from South Africa. He is a tour guide/land owner who does bird watching and safari tours. Interesting person.

What else do I have to show you – Oh yes, I was RAOKed on Monday by Amanda. She sent me this pile of yummy Llama fiber to spin:


Thanks Amanda!!! I will share pics of it spun up but I have a bunch of wool and mohair blend that I promised I would finish before starting anything new.

Monday was a really good day for other reasons too. Stephanie posted on her very popular blog that I had donated a set of my Goddess Guards Beaded Stitch Markers as an incentive for donations to Doctors Without Borders. So, many more orders for those – which is great! Now I have to crank out a bunch and get them in the mail.

So, I have a lot of things to do – beaded stitch markers, dunk my scarf, etc. Gotta go now. Talk more at ya later.


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