Quilting Isn’t For Wimps

Yesterday was the big quilt event day that I mentioned before. My friend Leslie and I met at the event place at 8:15 am geared up and ready to do this volunteer quilting (the sewing part). Our task was to create twin sized quilts for young adults who were coming out of a homeless state into community in apartments built for their use. I guess we had the goal of creating a specific number of quilts – we exceeded that very easily.

For some reason, this event wasn’t just a "let’s get together and do this good/fun thing" there was a competitive theme. I guess that was okay, but I am not really a competitive person. We did manage to win 2nd place, but only because our team was so small that we were teamed up with another small group.

I had fun, but sewing (sitting) is hard work! Bending over too high tables cutting and cutting and cutting, sitting on too high chairs sewing and sewing and sewing. I only took one bathroom break because I had cut my finger and needed a bandage and thought "what the heck, might as well take care of the bladder too!" otherwise I felt pressed to finish that quilt! The group really wanted us to be out of the building close to the posted end time, which was 4:00 pm. We went a bit over.

So, Leslie, Brenda and I did our best to create functional and hopefully beautiful quilts. We had another person helping, Judy – who wasn’t around when our group picture was taken.

Here is our group:

Leslie is in the front with the red shirt, her friend Brenda is directly in back in red too. The gentleman is Oscar Reed (a former Viking football player connected to the charity). I am in the brown on the right. The other ladies I do not know, they were from the other group.

I wish I would have gotten a pic of Brenda’s quilt because it was really stunning – bright green colors with a rainforest / jungle theme.

I did get a photo of Leslie’s. Here she is with her creation (and a magical 3rd hand):

If I were asked to give her quilt a name it would be "mathematical nightmare" or the "whooops!" quilt, because Leslie kept saying whoops and oh-oh. It turned out fantastic though.

Mine wasn’t so bright after the solid and border, which was kind of surprise because the individual print fabrics were very colorful. I like how it turned out; my first quilt top since the 80’s (or was it the 90’s? Anyway, it has been a loooooong time.)

I got a kind of weird/funny comment from one other quilter. She said, "is this your first quilt? Because you seem very proud of it!" but she said it like I shouldn’t be proud. I said, no, it isn’t my first, but yes I am proud because I think it turned out nice and it is the first quilt top I have done in a loooooooong time. She seemed miffed that I was so happy.

I think it is part of my job in life to be happy to show other people that they can be happy too. I am just wondering why some other people seem to have a hard time with other people’s joy. You would think they would want to share in it and have it help them reach that state too; sharing the love.

I really had a good time. It was fun meeting new people, even those that weren’t so friendly. Leslie’s friend, Brenda seemed very nice. I hope to see her again, perhaps at Leslie’s place because she wants to learn how to knit. I am all for helping someone learn how to knit! Our other group member, Judy (who isn’t pictured) was very nice too, very helpful and although she didn’t get to finish her quilt that day, I am sure it will be very pretty. I wish I could see it!

I was totally wiped out by the time I got home and my back was twinging/spazzing out. I had to cancel going to another event so I could chill out at home – sit in a comfy spot and tend to my back.

Back to knitting now – I am finishing up on that 2nd mitten, then I think I will start my Charlotte Web Shawl!


5 thoughts on “Quilting Isn’t For Wimps

  1. Your quilt was nice. it reminds me of African fabric and pieces I’ve seen. I’m a big quilter but find that quilt groups and quilters in general are not how do I put this open to anything that isn’t perfect in their own minds. How to phrase somthing is tough so your not offending anyone. I think they have loads of rules and to not follow them is a big no no. Knitters and especally spinners on the other hand seem totaly the oppisite. Enjoy your quilt Maryellen

  2. I personally really like your quilt. I’d love to learn to quilt, but I think that is like making a deal with the devil, since I have my hands full with knitting and work now!

    You have great skill!

  3. hehe now i can finally put a face to the name 🙂 I think your quilt is GORGEOUS definitely something to be way proud of. Take care and most of all have fun… will be looking out for your quilting blog next *warm hugs* shell

  4. Some people are weird. Someone once sniffed at my shetland lace shawl and called it a blanket. (“Did you make that blanket too?”) Whatever, so my nails are short and I’m not wearing ten gallons of Nordstrom perfume. Like I’d wanna.

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