Sad Monday

My dogboy Spencer is sad. Monday’s are hard for him because he loves his poppa so much and misses him terribly on Mondays. So he is sad and needy and it is hard because he is so cute and horrible all at once. He leans up agains me and sighs, noses me to pet him and sighs, slumps away and sighs.

Later in the day he will start wanting to go out more and more frequently. When he is inside he will keep looking toward the door, and perk up with every noise. Some days he gets barky too – today we shall see.

Finally, poppa comes home, they will go out for their run and then he will pass out for the rest of the evening (Spencer, not my DH).

I am loving the yarn for the socks for said DH. Here’s a pic of the cuff in process.

sock for wtw

So far, I can’t find a repeat in the yarn. It is kind of hard to see, but it is a 3 ply in grey (light to dark), blue, bits of green, and purple. Yum. These socks will have to be fraternal – there is no way I am going to get them to match. The yarn is Stahl Socka Color color 9185 (75% wool, 25% poly). Nothing fancy for these socks though, my husband has tricky, sensitive feet and I am just hoping that they will fit him right. Oh, and that he likes them too!

I’m in Love

I have fallen in love with my shipment of yarn from KnitPicks. It arrived yesterday and I held off opening up the package until I had put away the groceries. Anticipation.

Here is a pic of my KnitPicks

Left to right: Simple Stripes – Vineyard & Storm, Sock Garden – Pansy, Star Gazer Lily, Morning Glory, Hydrangea. Across the top Shimmer – Morning Mist.

Ahhhhhhhh. All of the yarn is so soft! The colors are fab and the price – you just can’t beat it. Run, run and buy some now! Just so you aren’t mislead – I purchased several skeins of all of these. You need 2 of each of the sock yarns to make a pair of socks (more for larger sizes). The Shimmer I bought 3 just because it was so cheap.

I can hardly wait to start knitting up some of these beauties. Mostly socks, of course, but some of the Sock Garden might be used for baby stuff – hats and booties.

I am leaving now to go back to my knitting. Finishing up on my 2nd sock.


Fiber Excess

Oh boy, did I purchase a lot of yarn on Saturday. It was good though, because it was all on sale – and as good as that is, it was even better because I got another 20% discount on top of the sale price, as well as a not quite legal punch on my purchases card.

More details. A somewhat local yarnstore, Needlework Unlimited was having a huge sale on all sock yarn, Rowan yarns, etc. I missed the 1st email, which also offered a $20 punch on your card (the one you fill up to get a 20% discount, usually they don’t punch on sale purchases). For some reason, I missed that part of the email that said that if you bring in a print of that email, that was how you got the punch. I did, however, print out the 2nd email of the sale, that told us all that more items were being added – to the sale. The reason I printed that one out was in case the folks at the MN AK bunch hadn’t seen it.

They almost all had. But I kept the email because I had some notes on it. Yardage for projects, etc. So after the MN AK meeting (fun!) a bunch of us met at the store. I headed for the sock yarn (which I really don’t need because I just dropped a bunch of $ on an online order) – but remember this is a good sale. Picked up these sock yarns:


Then because they are closing out of their Paton’s Classic Wool I bought some for another Market Squares Bag:

That was pretty much all they had in the way of any colors left. I think it will work out just fine.

I also picked up this bunch of Rowan yarn.

I am thinking the Felted Tweed would make a nice Clapotis, and the Wool Cotton was just because. Notice how nice they look together? I love this color, and it looks very nice on me.

So when I checked out the person behind the counter saw my email and thought it was the one saying I get a $20 punch. But because I am honest I said that it wasn’t. But because I was honest I got it anyway – cool!

Back to socks! I finished the pair of socks for Linda, and started on a set for me:

I want to see if I like wearing these done with the short row heel and toe. I should, seeing that all my commercially made socks have this type of heel and toe. After I get done with the set I will be making a pair (muted colors) for my husband.

Gotta go bead and knit now.


Socks and Life

I have one and a half sock done. Here’s a pic of the finished sock

I followed the pattern, "Dream Socks" by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and had a lot of trouble with the short rows. I have done short rows before, but not like this. Now that I am on the second sock, I am really wondering why I had so much trouble before. It is all so clear to me now.

Life seems to be like that – we struggle on something, sometimes many times over and over, or for a long time with that one thing. Then there is a breakthrough and our reality is changed so dramatically that we cannot understand how we couldn’t have seen "it" all along.

I have a lot of information inside of me that I know will help other people, but one of the most important things that I have learned is that what I have and what I know doesn’t matter much. Not because it is meaningless, but because it is mine. The people that can benefit from what I know have to be in the right place and the right time and ready to allow in what I have to say before it will make any sense to them.

It is like those sock instructions – they didn’t change while I was knitting them, but until I figured out what I was doing wrong (or how I was right but didn’t know it) then I wasn’t ready to see that everything was okay. I had to have the "bad" experience and see my way through. I had to make the mistake over and over. And now I won’t make that same mistake anymore. Okay, perhaps I will make a similar mistake but I know that I will not make a mistake on this particular sock pattern ever again.

Knitting is like a puzzle. So is life. Perhaps that is why I love knitting so much. I can get results – figure it out – and have something to show for all my troubles. I can feel pride in my accomplishment, and hopefully other people will understand why I am so happy.

Now I just need to be okay with experiencing troubles in my life and not let myself get all judgmental about having made a mistake in the first place. It would also be cool if I can allow other people to have and own their mistakes without judging them or myself (for not being able to help sometimes).

Here is something else that I have been experiencing. Perfect joy and contentment with the project that I am making, but a yearning to work on something else too. What? Perhaps I just want more and more and more Joy. Wish I had more arms and hands. I certainly have enough needles and yarns to be a knitting octopus.

Okay, so back to knitting now.



Today I got up early (for a Saturday) and got going to pick up Chaachi at 9:00 am so that we would be at a special preview showing of a new movie, Because of Winn Dixie. On Wednesday, Chaachi noticed free posters for the movie when I was paying for a new knitting book. I am a big fan of all things Dave Matthews/Dave Matthews Band, so I thought that was pretty cool. Then the checkout guy, who probably thought I was nuts because I had just told him how crazy I was about DM gave me a free pass to see the movie!

The movie was good. It’s a kids’ movie and the interesting thing is that when I got online to plan a route to the movie theater, I found out the author of the book lives in Minneapolis. I wonder if she was there in the movie theater? Anyway, if you are a fan of story and like animals or kids, or Dave Matthews (yum!) you will want to see the movie.

Back to Wednesday. I bought a Gansey book, the name of which I cannot recall and I am not going downstairs to get it. It looked good and I am glad I bought it but now I almost wish I would have purchased another book instead because I don’t think I will be knitting a gansey now that the weather is getting warmer. I will get the other book later, of course – because.

Yarn purchases: Friday I went out just to go out – decided I needed to check out the golf store along Snelling Avenue because I wanted to check out the counter gadgets they sell. Some time ago someone mentioned two golf counter gadgets and I have been meaning to check them out. I found one, which looks like a wristwatch. It has 3 different pegs to keep count, and it was very cheap, on sale for $3.99. I bought it because. If you want to see what it looks like, click here.

I had also planned out a trip to Borealis Yarns because it was on a street off Snelling. Nowhere near the golf store, but what the heck, close enough. I bought more yarn for more socks. You know why? Because I could.

Here they are:

Speaking of socks, I am on the foot of the 1st sock of the set for Linda. It took me several (I think 3 or was it 4?) different tries to get the short row style heel right. A lot of doing and undoing. I don’t even want to appear to complain about it though because it really doesn’t make me upset or frustrated to have to undo things, even if it is over and over and over. I just like knitting and I certainly want to be happy with the end results. Suits me just fine to have something take a while if I like the process. Here’s a pic that I took last night. I kept on knitting so I am almost ready to do the short row toe now too.

Remember how I confessed that I had never used sock yarn to make socks? Turns out that that was a mistake – I did make one set of socks with some lovely Koigu some time ago – probably 3 years ago. But it wasn’t a traditionally shaped sock. It was the "Better Mousetrap Socks" that was in Interweave Knits Fall 2001 issue. I guess I discounted them because they aren’t a normal sock shape to knit and they are made in all garter stitch. Very stretchy and kind of funky to wear because I can really feel the garter stitch bumps on my feet. Too thick to wear with shoes, I wear them at night or with my slippers.

I am dying to show you a pick or two of my recent gifts for my Ample Knitters Secret Pal, but I don’t want to do that for fear that Secret Pal would find it here. Perhaps I will post a gallery of images once the year is through. It was a lot of fun picking (and making) things for her this month.

Well, it is back to sock knitting for me. I hope you have a wonderful day – because.


We Have Lift-Off!

I have been working hard getting my computer switched over from Windows 2000 Server Edition (don’t ask – DO NOT ASK) over to a more reasonable version of one of the many, fun, easy to use, perfectly operating and easy to understand, perfectly logical always working right microcrap (oops, did I say that?) products. Okay, so it is just Windows XP Home Edition.

It was shaky there for a while. For some reason XP didn’t want to play nice with my ethernet connection. But even though posting this is proof that all is somewhat well, I have a photo to show you all that I have been working hard all day

I am far from finished. Still running the two different operating systems and still have a lot of software to load.

E-mail works, I have my browser working, my bookmarks working, my address book and the groups came over just fine.

But I realize that I would be having a nervous breakdown if I didn’t have that background in computers. I wonder what regular non-geeky people do?

Knitting content: I managed to start my Charlotte’s web shawl but my back is too spazzy to go downstairs and take a pic and then slog back upstairs to load it. Get this – when I was going up the stairs today, all happy that I had figured out my internet issues, I coughed and put my back out. Coughing can be dangerous.

I will get an adjustment with my chiro but so far it isn’t too bad. Just need to ice it down in a few minutes and spend the rest of the evening kicking back. Tomorrow I will be back at the computer schtuff, and hopefully I will have a pic ready too.